Get to know us

From how it all began to the goals we are all aiming to achieve – these short videos will get you familiar with The Redback Family and all that we stand for – enjoy!


Meet Our Family

Did you know that one of us owns a dog grooming business? Or can you guess who has been chased by a hippo? Get to know your Redback Team and a few interesting facts about us while you’re at it – simply click on our pics!


Adrien Monet
He used to have long hair, he cleaned that up now. He used to study political science, he cleaned that up too! He collects everything – from key holders to pins, stones, materials and bank notes! His dad hoards everything in the family home so he calls it ‘paying tribute to the dragon king’.
Aiza Hakik
She is a new and proud mum of a sweet boy! Looking after her plants is her obsession and hopes to design and make her own wooden furniture one day!
Bianca Perillo
She’s a pug enthusiast, although this may be an understatement! Her entire room is filled with pug merchandise and she owns her own pug! She was in a dance crew for 2 years and completed a hip-hop dancing championship. She’s a filmmaker and the first film she directed was an absurd comedy that made audiences laugh and cringe at the same time!
Brent Cowan
Coming soon…
Cassandra Phu
Has a major travel bug, I go to at least 1 new country every year. Has a big fear of dogs but oddly enough loves puppies! Obsessed with the TV show Suits.
Chona Gomez
She’s a dance teacher (she doesn’t leave early on Mondays for no reason!). She loves Japanese and Lebanese food. She loves art and would love to get back into creating her own art some day.


Daniel Kim
He cannot do the splits…he has tried his whole life! He is also really getting into this online shopping madness. He loves chilling out at a café with his super awesome playlist on.
Farzana Nisha
She is a proud mother of two beautiful children. She makes the best butter chicken. She lives in a house with 10 others! And the answer is yes, she loves coming to work!
Gavin Swift
He has travelled to 55 countries, is a proud dad of two gorgeous girls and just started growing his own veggies!
Gianno Punla
In year 6 he was named ‘the tongue twister champion’ as no one could beat him at various tongue twisters! His very first job was at a bowling alley as a party host… he dressed as the bowling pin mascot too! Having a name like Gianno Paolo confuses people into thinking he’s Italian… He is actually Filipino… shh!
Guy Freebody
He is the co-owner of a boutique dog grooming business in Manly called Groomingdales… Nice plug! He is fly fishing tragic with a huge love for New Zealand. He is busy learning to surf but it’s not looking great.
Guy Gilead
He speak three foreign languages…Portuguese, Spanish and Hebrew! He is currently studying a Master of Commerce (Finance). Although he has never broken a bone, he once did crack his humerus… and there was nothing funny about that!


Isaac Hananiah
He composes music but is not able to read or write music! He is a Kuwaiti born Indian who is married to a Kiwi and lives in the Sutherland Shire – even he gets confused sometimes! His wife is a successful artist and her work is starring in galleries all around Oz!
Jeff Downs
He is a proud father of a girl and two boys. Having moved from Canada, he loves the fact that he can go to the snow and it doesn’t come to him! He loves ice hockey and cricket – two completely opposite sports! Now, if we could only get them to play cricket on ice!
Jeff Porter-Dening
He’s travelled across the globe but still thinks that New York is the greatest city in the world. He loves Liverpool FC and will talk about it at any given opportunity, seriously it’s a problem! He’ so accident prone that his family thinks that he should live in a giant plastic bubble. Could be fun…
Jordan Demagante
He has been in a cast 6 times + on crutches 8 times – injury prone is an understatement! He plays both basketball + ice hockey! He collects shoes and hats and as of last count he currently owns 87 pairs of shoes and over 40 snapbacks.
Kelly Cooper
He has a huge fear of public speaking and rubber bands. He once drank so much that he woke up in a different country! He has travelled to over 20 of the most beautiful cities around the world but has never seen one more beautiful than in his own country of NZ (Queenstown).
Leon Fouhy
He is originally from New Zealand and has travelled the world with Paris, Barcelona and London being his favourites. He once met Brian Lara who used his horse mask to scare the Zimbabwean Cricket Team! He has the unique ability to fall both down AND up the stairs!


Lewis Hazeldine
He has travelled around Australia. Has met a number of famous sportspeople including Steve Smith and Matthew Lloyd. He cannot stand listening to commercial radio music.
Luke Eagles
He has lost his last 4 girlfriends to the same video game – what’s with that? He starts his day with a fresh box of banana based fruit salad! He lost both his molars in a freak skateboarding accident – then he became a total nerd.
Mamun Rahman
He used to play soccer and cricket back in Bangladesh. He has spent 15 years working in the telco and IT industry. He is also a proud father of his daughter.
Marushka Noronha
I have a very real fear of clowns. I used to study ballet and I love documentaries on serial killers.
Michael Bunker
During the prohibition his family survived by making gin in their bath tub and selling it illegally – he still has the family recipe! He has lived in 28 houses and moved across the world 4 times. While living in London, he was Prince Charles’ and Camillas’ personal waiter.
Michael Harris
He loves to bake strawberry muffins with chocolate chips – so cute! He learnt to ride his bike with no training wheels when he was 3 years old! He and Luke Eagles from the Support Team have been best friends for over 10 years.


Miranda Walker
She absolutely loves anchovies! She is a fanatic when it comes to horror movies. She recently started rock climbing and is actually becoming quite good at it!
Paul Tavlu
He is a proud father of two girls, was part of the cast in a Barry Humphries movie in 1987 (Les Patterson saves the world) and lived in Istanbul, Turkey at a time when there were 12 bombings in 12 months months as well as an attempted military coup.
Peter Matsumoto
He can swear in over 20 different languages..he he does prefer Australian! Give him a blind taste test and he will be able to tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi in seconds. Stereotypes aside, he can nun-chuck and code.
Renan Don Laroza
He is a huge car enthusiast – from JDM, euro to muscle. He was attacked by a dog when he was five but says that he will always love dogs… aww! He loves quoting the Simpsons, Friends or Harry Potter.
Rowan Knight
He grew up in South Africa, and yes he has been chased by a hippo! He can down a pint of beer in less than 2 seconds… we’ve seen it! He is a very proud dad of the cutest little princess in the world… awwww!
Simon Goldberg
Coming soon!


Sri Nagarajan
She has lived 15 years in Australia – mostly in the east coast, has three master’s degrees in different fields and loves travelling and trying local cuisines – especially when it came to trying Haggis!
Todd Barnsley
He has a large collection of 1980s skateboards – they are his pride and joy! He plays keyboard in a funk band. For several years he owned and managed an antique store in Sydney.
Topo Kristyono
He has a Masters degree in Artificial Intelligence – and we are also convinced that he has ‘robot super powers’. He spends a lot of time (and money) on the latest and greatest virtual reality gadgets. He is the proud father of three beautiful kids.
Tyla Katte
He takes the ‘R’ and ‘L’ on his headphones pretty seriously. He doesn’t drink coffee and his favourite font is Helvetica.
Vamsy Doddala
He can speak six Indian dialects fluently. He played representative cricket back in his home country India – the fastest ball faced was at 145km per hour! He has never lived in Queensland although he is a proud Queensland supporter in State of Origin.
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