We’re serious about it

The words ‘customer experience’ and ‘engagement’ tend to get thrown around a fair bit. At Redback we are all about our customers and enhancing their experience through each and every interaction. How serious are we about it? Serious enough to listen and take action…

Post Conference Satisfaction Surveys

Whether it’s that spur of the moment conference call or weekly sales meeting via web conference – every experience with us should be easy and of the highest quality. Since August 2015 we have been surveying 10% of our conferencing users each day – here’s what they have to say.


Ease of use

93% of users say our Teleconferencing and Web Conferencing services are easy to use. 32% rated them as ‘exceptionally easy.’

“You have a very impressive set of staff; always 100% knowledgeable about your products and extremely helpful. I can sense a lot of patience as well especially dealing with people like me who are not familiar with the webinar environment. Huge thanks to everyone.”


Quality of Service

When it comes to the quality of our services, 93% of users gave a rating of 7 or higher. 35% of these users rated the quality of our platforms as exceptional.

“We consistently use Redback at minimum once a week. Your Support Staff are excellent in linking people into teleconferences. We work with some people who have an intellectual disability – the practical assistance, problem solving and respectful interaction by Redback is outstanding.”


Would you recommend us?

Perhaps the biggest test of all – how likely would you be to recommend Redback? 95% of users said they would be likely to recommend our services.

“Both conferencing systems are incredibly easy to use. This, along with the excellent support and online training I have received means I have recommended Redback to many of my colleagues within the region – thanks for making everything so easy, keep up the good work.”


Customer Return Rate

We’re incredibly proud of our Customer Return Rate. We earn our customers every time they use us – there’s no lock in contracts and no room for error.

“No contracts means you aren’t forced to use Redback. Each time someone uses one of our services they are making a purchasing decision. We earn their business each and every day and our incredible Customer Return Rate means our focus on amazing customer service really pays off.”- Jeff Downs, CEO

A Day in the Life of

Here at Redback, every department is responsible for delivering an exceptional customer experience – from our front line support staff, right up to our CEO. This is why we have an new initiative called ‘A Day in the Life of’ where team members get to shadow a colleague in a different department for a day.

The purpose of this, apart from hanging out with someone pretty cool for the day, is for us all to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other’s unique roles in order to deliver a higher quality service and more seamless experience for our customers.

This gives everyone a chance to interact with our customers, understand the life-cycle and deliver a consistent customer experience every time.

Our CEO recently spend the day with our support team on the phones – you can read more about his day here.

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