What is it?

Imagine having access to all your conferencing codes, call details and invoices in one place? What about having the ability to instantly download webinar reports outlining your attendees, chat transcripts and feedback?

The Account Management Portal is your hub for everything Redback. It’s entirely unique to the industry and will soon become your new best friend!


✓ Add, edit or remove moderators

✓ Update conference settings

✓ Download and reactivate recordings


✓ Access the Teleconferencing Control Portal

✓ Create event pages and emails

✓ Access the latest toll free numbers


✓ Export invoices and call details reports

✓ Download Participant Engagement Reports

✓ View usage across entire business

Do you want to measure how engaging your webinars are?


Live Participant Engagement Scoring allows you to never miss a beat when it comes to discovering more about the behaviour and interactions of your webinar participants, taking your reporting to the next level. Find out more about this exclusive feature to Redback and how it can improve your ROI, better qualify leads for your sales teams and help refine your CPD programs. Get started today!

Learn more about Live Participant Engagement Scoring
Tired of creating invites?

Forget copy and paste – simply install our Outlook Plug-in and have all your templates in one place


✓ Send pre-populated invites

✓ Direct access for mobile callers

✓ Access the latest dial in numbers

✓ Use for Web and Video Conferences

✓ Increase accuracy and save time

Looking to control your calls?

A visual interface which allows you to control every conference call with a simple click – say hello to the Teleconference Control Portal


✓ Mute/Un-mute participants

✓ Facilitate Q&A Sessions

✓ Dial out to participants

✓ Initiate recordings

✓ Provide recordings and reports

Want to measure engagement?

How engaged are your webinar attendees? Score and benchmark interactive behaviour with Live Participant Engagement


✓ Automatic scoring based on behaviour

✓ Total score provided out of 100%

✓ Compare engagement across all webinars

✓ Compare engagement across industry average

✓ Start understanding what works

Why Redback?

“The biggest advantage of switching to Redback has definitely been the Account Management Portal. It allows me to check my monthly invoices, keep track of all calls and allocate costs. There is no need for a middle person to manage our accounts which means that there is no sending emails or waiting – it’s completely self-service which makes my job a lot easier.”

– Alissa Jones, Australian Red Cross Blood Service

Want to make your life easier?