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The Redback Business Skills Series is now in its fourth year. Essentially, it’s a way of us giving back to our active and engaged community while showcasing our webinar and webcasting platforms and the many features they have to offer. Anyone can join these online events and anyone can present. We’re always on the lookout for stimulating hosts to present on a range of topics!

Our events run every second Tuesday for 11:00 am – 11:45 am (AEDT) and are free to attend.


On-Demand Webinars

At Redback we believe that knowledge is power and that you never stop learning. We provide you with a range of topics that you can adopt in any role, in any industry and at any stage in your career. Take a look at some of our most recent webinars and webcasts.

The Three Sides of ‘Social Impact

In Australia, our journey towards business’ involvement in social causes has only just begun – awareness is on the rise and the opportunities are endless and exciting. So how can we truly create good by harnessing the power of consumers, companies and charities? In this webcast, Abby uncovered:

What is social impact is and hat the research says
✚ How people like us are driving the social impact revolution
✚ How individuals, companies and charities are coming together
✚ What are the risks if we don’t do it well?

The Art of Public Speaking and Presenting Online

Are you ready to present online? What’s stopping you from sharing your message? Public speaking is already feared by so many – add the unknown digital landscape and suddenly, presenting on a webinar becomes even more scary! In this webcast, Trish uncovered:

Finding your story and leveraging it online
✚ The value of knowing your microniche and audience
✚ How to add public speaking skills and storytelling
✚ How to organise a simple presentation from scratch

The Creative Thinking Sandpit – A Place of Possibility

Creative thinking is a major key in enabling business to differentiate, create options and alternatives that improve economic return, and to design and implement projects that make a difference and ensure sustainability. In this webcast we uncovered:

The value of creative thinking in each and every workplace
✚ Language that empowers creative thinking
✚ Easy ways to enrich and enhance your creative thinking talents
✚ The role of creative thinking within design thinking

Taking Your CPD Programs Online

Professional Development is an important part of any membership organisation – but how can we innovate our programs and engage our members to stand out from the rest? In this webcast we uncover the latest stats and facts from over 200 CPD Webinars held in 2016. We discussed:

The findings and what they all mean
✚ The blended approach – How to accommodate your F2F programs
✚ How to create and format your webinars
✚ How to track engagement and presence with online tools

Bouncing Back with Confidence – A Mental Health Panel Discussion

Mental health disorders will affect nearly half of our population at some stage in their lives and episodes are usually perceived as problematic, however they can also provide the spark for positive life changing events. In this webcast we looked at:

Dealing with mental health issues
✚ Turning adversity into your greatest gift
✚ Finding genuine purpose within work constraints
✚ Leading a positive and fulfilling life

Emerging Themes in Mentoring – A Global Perspective

In this webcast, world-renowned mentoring pioneer Prof. David Clutterbuck and Art of Mentoring’s Melissa Richardson shared their perspectives on themes and trends in the world of mentoring. In particular:

Why companies and organisations introduce and implement mentoring
✚ Mentoring applications
✚ How technology can manage mentoring programs
✚ Sustainability of mentoring programs

How to Stop Being a Lone Wolf and Build Teams for Greatness

If you want to create a great business, career and live a great life…you need people. In this webcast we looked at how to create a team which will propel you to greatness! We looked at:

How to choose people that have got your back and are genuine
How to get the team to follow you and support you
✚ Know when to let someone go without burning the bridge
✚ How to avoid drama and crisis and people who’ve got it against you
✚ How to be a great leader and get the results you want

The Power of First Impressions – How to Create an Image with Impact

Did you know people make their visual judgement on you in the first 7 seconds? Do you have a personal style and do you wear it with confidence? Does your wardrobe align with who you are and who you represent? In this webcast we looked at:

The first impression formula for success
How to create your unique style in 3 easy steps
✚ How to elevate your image with a wardrobe that works
✚ How to align your image with who you represent

Stress Management Strategies for Thriving in a Fast-Paced Workplace (or World)

Our workplaces and lives are moving at a faster pace than ever before and as a leader or professional, you probably experience frequent pressure and challenges. In this webinar we looked at how to:

 Sustain good health and energy when under constant pressure
Apply emotional agility
✚ Bounce back easily from setbacks
✚ Cope well with high levels of ongoing disruptive change

Creating Compelling Content for the Online World

“I want to run a webinar, but I have no idea what to talk about” – sound familiar? Creating compelling content for your webinars doesn’t have to be a challenge. In this webcast discussion we look at tips and tricks for creating, promoting and recycling your content. It includes:

 What Why and How to webinar: Content ideas and format tips
Getting the word out: Promoting your content
✚ Data overload: How to nurture and convert your audience
✚ It’s over – now what? Tips for hosting on-demand content

Getting to Go: How to get your audience to take action

Do you have a great business, but sometimes feel like the world’s best kept secret? Are you doing everything you can to get your brand recognised?

In this webcast we uncovered:

 The six critical steps to create a successful presentation or webinar
How to engage your audience in the first minute
✚ Why it’s not about having your audience “know” anything
✚ Why good design is critical

Boost Your Brand – How to Increase Your Influence and Income so You Can Make a Greater Impact

Do you have a great business, but sometimes feel like the world’s best kept secret? Are you doing everything you can to get your brand recognised?

In this webcast we uncovered:

 The 5 essential steps to have people wanting to do business with you
If your business really needs to be on social media
✚ Are you better off building a business brand or a personal brand?
✚ The three reasons businesses fail and what you can do to avoid them

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