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Making the decision to “take it online” isn’t always the easiest. For some, the thought of it can be incredibly daunting and for others, it can be seen as another task that is just going to take up more resources. However, we believe that with the right platform, advice and management it can be easy.

Below you will find a list of our top clients who have been there and done that. They have come out of the other end glowing and as you’ll see, this is only the beginning.



Audio Webcasting for shareholder updates

When you’re tasked with delivering compulsory shareholder updates every six months, you want them to be more than just an email – you want engagement and interactivity. In this case study we look at how Jennie Pryor, Cover-More, used on-demand audio webcasting for a more collaborative online experience.

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Hybrid webcast for hosting online AGM’s

When you are dealing with remote and scattered stakeholders all accross Australia, coupling dynamic content with technology can often be challening. In this case study we explore how Richard Smith from Australian Wool Innovation Limited used hybrid webcasts to transform the way they hosted their AGMs.

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On-demand Webcasting

So you want to host an Online TV show with live audience participation but your presenters are all based in different states? In this case study we take a look at how clever use of technology and marketing before/during/after your event can help you to grow your audience and ensure the success of your event!

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Teleconferencing and Web Conferencing to reach a distributed sales force

One of the many challenges within the retail industry is connecting a remote workforce across distance. Craign Sellin needed to find a more cost effective teleconferencing provider that allowed his national team to meet weekly – however, a bundled web conferencing solution meant that he was able to increase collaboration throughout the entire company.

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Teleconferencing within the Asia Pacific region

“The feedback received from those hosting the calls was excellent. The lines were clear, the system was easy to use and any customer service enquiries were all responded to immediately – on top of this, the savings were great.” – Fabian Parker, Facilities Coordinator

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Teleconferencing for a better solution

Crystal clear audio quality and ease of use – an essential requirement when it comes to teleconferencing internationally. But what happens when it’s not easy and the quality isn’t first class? When Alissa Jones joined Australian Red Cross Blood Service she knew she needed to find a better solution. Here’s her story…

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Teleconferencing for Global Collaboration

When you’re part of a global organisation and you’ve been tasked with rolling out an initiative as large as Sydney’s Opal Card, communication is essential. Judi O’Sullivan explains how Redback’s Teleconferencing services and their Account Management Portal both play a crucial role in her latest project.

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Webcasting for Online Education

The introduction of the internet and ereaders has meant that the traditional hard copy book has taken a bit of a back seat. With the MS Readathon in its 33rd year, National Operations Manager, Gill DeCis had to find a new and exciting way to reach an entirely new generation.

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Webcasting for Live Conferences

“Won’t I cannibalise my live attendance?” Marc Wanstall explains how a well timed promotion of a virtual offering at the right price boosted numbers and profitability, without losing face-to-face registrations, for The Governance Institute’s 2012 Annual Conference.

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Webcasting for Engagement

A geographically dispersed and time poor membership base, Government budget constraints and an increasing need to educate. Read how Jo Rose discusses how webcasting their annual conference for the second year running increased attendance, reach and engagement.

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Managed Webinars for Member Engagement and Education

Making the decision to ‘go digital’ isn’t always easy, especially when you are communicating with a conservative audience. Andrea from Sugar Research Australia explains how technical assistance, an easy process and a clear vision resulted in a successful webinar pilot program

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Managed Webinars for Compulsory Professional Development

Struggling to increase registrations and attendance at your webinars? Or maybe you’re looking for tips to avoid webinar overload? Monika from the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) discusses how a fine tuned marketing strategy increased her webinar registrations by 150%

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Managed Webinars for Live Panel Discussions

Organising a panel of presenters monthly can be difficult. Add an average of 500 attendees per webinar and you’ve got yourself quite a task. Nicky from MHPN provides her tips on creating relevant and interesting topics organising your presenters for a seamless experience.

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