Content Marketing

Content Marketing, also known as ‘smarter marketing’, is the “marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action” (CMI, 2014).

The phrase Content is King is now part of modern vernacular so it’s no surprise that more and more marketers are now adopting a Content Marketing Strategy; and according to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), 30% of B2B marketing budgets are now allocated to this resource. Along with educational publications and creative infographics, webinars are becoming an increasingly popular way to inspire and reach an unconstrained audience. So popular, that 46% of modern marketers are now using them as part of their overall content strategy.

While the benefits are obvious, webinars also provide us with another unique opportunity – the ability to re purpose and continually market with on-demand evergreen content. It makes sense, with so much content being created on a daily basis and everyone becoming more time poor, on-demand hosting has never been more popular. Consider hosting your content online to continually generate leads, engage members and educate and communicate.


Content Marketing, The Redback Way

The Redback platform is ideal for delivering education online. And with local, human customer support and dedicated event managers, you can be comforted in the fact that we have you and your entire programs covered.

Let us take care of…

Email Marketing: Let us design fully branded email invitations, confirmations and reminder emails
Registration Collection: Responsive registration templates can be designed to replicate your website
Payment: Looking to charge for your event? We have that covered too
Presenter Training: Leave it to us to train your presenter on the platform and ways to get the most out of your online audience
Professional Facilitation: Take your webinar up a notch and let us facilitate, guide or interview your presenter
Support: We’re online throughout your entire event – and, your online attendees have complimentary access to our support line
Room Rental: Our State of Art Broadcast Studios have been designed specifically to host webinars
Reporting: Email Tracking, Attendance, Conversions and Online Behaviour – we give you access to it all!
Consultation: We’ve been there, done that – speak to our Event Managers or have a one-on-one call with our Marketing Department

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