Which services do you offer?
We provide a range of online services to fulfil all your communication requirements. Our Collaboration Services consist of Teleconferencing, Web Conferencing and Cloud Video Conferencing. DIY Webinars, Managed Webinars and Webcasts are all part of our Online Event Services. All services are fully hosted and supported right here in Australia.

Why would I use your services?
Our services are aimed to help you connect, communicate and collaborate online with the fastest and easiest to use platforms in the market. Here are just some ideas to get you thinking:

Online Training and Education
 Professional Development
 Shareholder Announcements, AGM’s
 Internal Communication
 Live Conferences and Events
 Stakeholder Engagement

Where are your services and support located?
All of our services are located in a secure Telecommunications Co-Location facility here in Australia. This means that none of your data ever goes off-shore and you and your attendees will always receive the fastest collaboration experience. Our dedicated Client Care team are also based in Sydney – we don’t believe in outsourcing something as important as customer service.

What happens if I am not happy?
We strive to do our best to keep you satisfied. We will refund any conference that you are not happy with – no questions asked.
All of our services are backed by a simple 100% satisfaction guarantee.

How do I get free conferencing?
During any given month, if your Teleconferencing usage exceeds your Web Conferencing usage then you only pay for your Teleconferencing service. You will always receive the lesser used conferencing service at no charge.

What are my monthly fees?
The beauty of using Redback is that you simply pay for what you use! There are no upfront, minimum or monthly fees and we don’t believe in tying you to any contracts – it’s simple really, if you like us, you will keep using us!


I need to schedule a teleconference ASAP, how does it all work?
No problem. Simply contact us and we can have you set up with pass codes immediately. Then, it’s just a matter of dialling a number and entering the pass code and advising your participants to do the same!

Can I host more than one teleconference at a time?
Absolutely. We can issue you and your organisation with as many moderator and participant pass codes as you need. There are no additional charges associated with  additional pass codes.

I need to organise a conference with international participants, how do I arrange this?
We have a list of over 50 International Toll Free Numbers, this means your international callers will not be charged to join your call. The list of numbers is available within your Account Management Portal – click here to login.

If the location you require is not on the list we can do one of two things – we can either dial out to your participants and bring them into your call or provide them with an alternative number to use. Either way, we will ensure your call goes ahead!

How do I record my Teleconference and listen to it afterwards?
As a moderator simply press *4 on your keypad to record your Teleconference. You will then be able to download  and host your recordings from your Account Management Portal. Click here to login.

How do I get assistance during my Teleconference?
Moderators and Participants can gain immediate assistance at any time during their teleconference by pressing *0. Alternatively, you can contact our Client Team on 1800 733 416.

Web Conferencing and Webinars

Where can I learn how to use the platform?
We offer training every Monday – it’s all online and complimentary. Join us live for 30 minutes on Mondays at 11:00 am. We will walk through the features and  functionality of the platform and you will have the ability to ask any questions that you or your team have. Click here to register!

What needs to be downloaded in order to join?
There are no downloads required to join a Redback Web Conference or Webinar. All your and your participants need is the latest version of Adobe Flash and the required link to join.

Click here to read about the minimum system requirements or here to quickly test your system.

What presentation formats are accepted on the platform?
Our platform allows you to upload your PowerPoint presentation into a virtual library. It will then remain there until you delete it. Please note, you are unable to upload Presi or Keynote or PPT’s with embedded Video or Audio files. However, your animations and typed notes will upload. Click here to read the User Guides.

How do I record my Online Meeting?
Simply email us at Include you moderator and participant code along with the time and date of your recording. We will then record your meeting and provide you with a synchronised file which you can download from your Account Management Portal. On-demand hosting options are also available.

Where can I watch some examples of webinars or learn to present like a pro?
You’ve come to the right place! Click here to view a series of on-demand webinars all aimed to help you present like a pro.

You can also visit The Presenter Centre – an online hub containing a series of 4 training modules that will provide you with online presenter basics, tips for marketing and advanced skills that will help you create cut through content.

Why would I choose to hold a Managed Webinar? What are the benefits?
Our Managed Webinar Service allows you to focus on your content while we take care of the rest.
Let our dedicated event managers look after your email invitations, registrations, presenter training and comprehensive reporting. For more information on what is included, please click here.

How can I engage my online audience? What do I have access to?
A wealth of features!

 Share Presentations
 Share your desktop in live time
 Poll your audience
 Activate white boards
 Conduct In-room Surveys
 Host Q&A Chat Sessions
 Activate unlimited webcams

Click here for a full list of features!


What do I need to be able to view a webcast?
A computer or mobile device with access to a stable internet connection. Please click here for a detailed description of system requirements

Is there a maximum number of viewers that can attend a webcast?
No, we use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to stream video content to viewers. All of your content is distributed over a large network of servers and can handle an almost unlimited number of viewers.

How can I engage my online audience? What do I have access to?
Viewers can ask questions live, take part in live polling, complete surveys, access social media and download documents. Your pages can also be fully branded to represent your organisation.

I would like to webcast my annual conference, where do I begin?
You’ve come to the right place – once you have chosen your venue simply contact us and we will sort out the rest. Our dedicated project managers will liaise with your venue and speakers to make sure your event is a success. Click here for more information.

What will happen if a viewer misses the live stream?
If a viewer misses the opportunity to view the live stream they will be able to view an archived version of the live event

Can I view a webcast from my office?
Please use our test your system page to check if you can view a webcast from your computer at your office. If multiple people in your office are planning on viewing a webcast at the same time, please consult with your IT administrator to find out if this will impact your office network.


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