We could give you all the collaboration tools in the world, but if you aren’t comfortable using them, what would be the point? To us, it’s about more than just giving you the ability to connect, communicate and collaborate – it’s about informing, educating and inspiring so that you get the most out of your online meetings and events.

Our range of inspirational content is created with you in mind and comes directly from our customers’ feedback and experiences. Take a look at our useful guides, eye opening reports and explore the possibilities!

Creating Compelling Content
Creating compelling content for your online events can be challenging – but fear not! This guide includes everything you need to know to make your next webinar pop!
Taking your CPD Sessions Online
In the digital era, more and more people are choosing to access their CPD training online. See how you can boost your programs and improve your audiences’ experience!
Lead Generation Webinars
Lead Generation Webinars help you boost your marketing mix while allowing you to engage your audience and gain better qualified leads. Download the guide to find out more!
The Webinar Organiser Handbook
Creating your own webinar from scratch can be overwhelming. This is your step by step guide to everything you need to know about organising your next webinar like a pro!
Social Media Marketing Guide
Social Media one of the most powerful marketing tool available. Find out how you can use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to market your webinars and webcasts for maximum registrations!
Presenting on Camera, Top 10 Tips
Presenting on camera can be a nerve-wracking experience. We’ve come together with our webcasting team and experienced presenters to bring you the Top 10 Tips for Presenting on Camera!
The Redback Report 2017
Each year we survey our community to gain insights on… The best time/day to webinar, creating engagement, why people join webinars, memorable presenters and much more.
Live Participant Engagement Scoring
How engaged are your webinar attendees? How can you improve your current webinar programs? Score and benchmark interactive behaviour with Live Participant Engagement, exclusive to Redback!
The 7 Deadly Sins of Virtual Events
How can you eliminate the feeling of being disconnected from your virtual attendees and avoid the common pitfalls? This whitepaper will show you how!
Kick Starting your Webinar Program
Join Daniel and Michelle as they take you through the webinar journey. Creating sticky topics, choosing the right technology, creating awesome marketing programs and more.
Online Training – 10 Steps to Make it Work!
A step by step Online Training guide containing… The roles required for success, the 10 essential steps, using the platform to your advantage and much more!
The Presenter Handbook
Send this to your presenters and get them up to speed! This includes what’s required, creating PPT presentations, increasing interactions and the platforms capabilities.
Marketing your Digital Events
Explore the many marketing channels available. Tips on how to gain maximum exposure, create emails and registrations and calculate your ROI.
Hybrid is Here – Whitepaper
Uncover the world of streaming physical events. Let us bust the myths, provide tips for engagement, avoiding cannibalisation and view hosting options.
Webcasting – Whitepaper
Understand the difference between a webinar and webcast, weigh up live vs. on-demand webcasts, overcome the challenges and choose between the right provider.
Sponsorship and Online Events
You CAN gain sponsorship for your Digital Events! Explore how to how to target the right sponsor, create a Sponsorship Prospectus and find long term partners to support you.
Create, Promote, Recycle
Look to breath life into your on-demand content? You need CPR – C is for creation, P is for promotion and R is for recycle.
Video as a Service – The Complete Guide
Did you know that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual? Discover the power of using Video Conferencing to collaborate!
The Big 50 Tips for Online Meetings
The online platform can be daunting – what does everything mean and how do you use it? We’ve put together our Top 50 tips!

How to Host Your First Webinar…


… from beginning to end! This complete 7 part video series covers all the stages and will you get you up to speed in no time. From planning to marketing and everything in-between!

Watch the videos

The Redback Business Skills Series…

Informing, educating, inspiring… We have the perfect platform to build a community so why not share some knowledge?

Our Business Skills Series is now in it’s fifth year. Essentially, it’s a way of us giving back to our active and engaged community while showcasing our webinar and webcasting platforms and the many features they have to offer. Anyone can join these online events and anyone can present. We’re always on the lookout for stimulating hosts to present on a range of topics!

Our events run every second Tuesday from 11:ooam to 11:45am (AEST) and are free to attend. Click here to discover more!

It’s about education…

Looking to gain some complimentary Professional Development? Thirsty for some knowledge? Our BSS is free and open for anyone to join.

It’s about enlightenment…

Our speakers are the best on the business and they’ll provide you with insight on a range of topics – from wellness to leadership and everything in-between!

It’s about inspiration…

Looking to present like the pros? Or maybe you want a sneak peek at our platform? Simply register and get everything rolled into one!

It’s about community…

We’re always on the lookout for amazing subject matter experts! If you are, or know someone who is, feel free to get in touch!