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Knowledge Centre

To us it’s about more than just giving you the tools to connect, communicate and collaborate – it’s about informing, educating and inspiring so that you’re able to get the most out of your online meetings and events.

Take a look at our useful guides, eye opening reports and explore the possibilities!


Inspirational Content
Our range of inspirational content is created with you in mind and comes directly from our customers – their feedback and experiences. Take a look at our white papers, eye opening reports and webinars that actually teach you how to run webinars! 
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Redbacktalk Blog
Join #SaraAndAiza as they walk you through tips and tips every Friday. Our video blogs are full of inspirational content that will be sure to enhance the way you currently use Redback. 
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Live Online Weekly Training Sessions
Join us live and online as we walk you through everything from the basics of Telephone and Web Conferencing to advanced reporting tools for your online meetings and events.
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Business Skills Series
The Redback Business Skills Series is now in its fourth year. Join us for live webinars and webcasts every Tuesday from 11:00 – 11:45 am AEST – best of all, they’re free to attend!
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Case Studies
Making the decision to “take it online” isn’t always the easiest. For some, the thought of it can be incredibly daunting and for others, it can be seen as another task that is just going to take up more resources. Read more from our top clients who have been there and done that.
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