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You do what you do best and we do what we do best. You know your content better than anyone and at Redback we manage entire events better than anyone. Our Managed Webinar service gives you more than just a seamless event that will get people raving – it gives you peace of mind and assurance, and let’s be honest, there’s really no better guarantee than that!

Our dedicated Event Managers know what it takes to create a seamless and professional event that everyone will remember. Think about what you want to achieve from your webinar, choose your topic, select your speakers and we’ll take over the rest!

Let us take care of…

   Email Marketing: Let us design fully branded email invitations, confirmations and reminder emails
✓   Registration Collection: Responsive registration templates can be designed to replicate your website
✓   Payment: Looking to charge for your event? We have that covered too
   Presenter Training: Leave it to us to train your presenter on the platform and ways to get the most out of your online audience
   Professional Facilitation: Take your webinar up a notch and let us facilitate, guide or interview your presenter
✓   Support: We’re online throughout your entire event – and, your online attendees have complimentary access to our support line
   Room Rental: Our State of Art Broadcast Studios have been designed specifically to host webinars
   Reporting: Email Tracking, Attendance, Conversions and Online Behaviour – we give you access to it all!
✓   Consultation: We’ve been there, done that – speak to our Event Managers or have a one-on-one call with our Marketing Department



The applications for Managed Webinars are as wide as your imagination. It’s simply a matter of choosing your topic, presenter and audience and leaving the rest to us. So why would you webinar? Here are some of the most common reasons.

Compulsory Professional Development

           CPD / CPE 


Online Training xx

      Online Training


Lead Generation xx

      Lead Generation


Content Marketing xx

     Content Marketing



The Managed Webinar Experience


The Redback Difference

Local Hosting All of our services are based right here in Australia. That means your information stays on-shore and you get to experience the fastest web conferencing available to you.

Local Hosting

All of our event services are based right here in Australia. That means your information stays on-shore, your data is protected and you and your attendees get to experience the fastest online events in the market.

No Messy Downloads Joining a webinar should be easy – for both you and your attendees. The only requirement needed to join a Redback Webinar is Adobe Flash, meaning less involvement from the IT department, and more time to collaborate.

No Messy Downloads

Online Events should be easy for you, your presenters and your attendees. With Redback, as long as you have Flash, you can connect.  No downloads means less support time and more collaborating time.

Local, Human Support We offer complimentary support to both you and your online attendees. Best of all, our client care team is based in Sydney and you get to speak to a real person everytime.

Local, Human Support

We offer complimentary support to both you, your presenters and your online attendees. Best of all, our Customer Support Team is based in Sydney and you get to speak to a real person… every single time.

No lock in contracts To us, we are earning your business each and everytime you use our services. Our model is pay as you go and cancel at anytime.

No lock in Contracts

We earn your business each and every time you use us. Simply pay as you go and cancel anytime.  All services are backed by our No Worries Guarantee – if you aren’t happy, you don’t pay – no questions asked!

Hear it for yourself

Managed Webinars for Member Engagement and Education

Making the decision to ‘go digital’ isn’t always easy, especially when you are communicating with a conservative audience.

Andrea from Sugar Research Australia explains how technical assistance, an easy process and a clear vision resulted in a successful webinar pilot program.

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Managed Webinars for  Compulsory Professional Development

Struggling to increase registrations and attendance at your webinars? Or maybe you’re looking for tips to avoid webinar overload?

Monika from the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) discusses how a fine tuned marketing strategy increased her webinar registrations by 150%.

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Managed Webinars for Live Panel Discussions  

Organising a panel of presenters monthly can be difficult. Add an average of 500 attendees per webinar and you’ve got yourself quite a task.

Nicky from MHPN provides her tips on creating relevant and interesting topics organising your presenters for a seamless experience.

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Meet Your Team

They’re dedicated, they’re experienced and they love every minute of their job. Meet the guys who make your Managed Webinars happen and find out what makes them come into work each day.


“I have built some amazing relationships with my clients. Knowing that I get to work with them daily makes my job much more enjoyable.” – Yaneen



“I love seeing a customer go from webinar novice to expert. Many start off knowing next to nothing about online events and then end up creating hugely successful webinar programs.” – Ron


“Working with customers to market, deliver and then host their online events is incredibly rewarding. It feels like you are really part of the big picture.” – Gianno



“Working with presenters is the highlight of my job. It’s rewarding to be able to train someone on the platform and then see them engage virtual audiences without even being in the same room.” – Laura



“I consider myself lucky. I get to help so many organisations set and achieve their goals when it comes to their online events.” – Caroline



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