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Online Training, e-Learning, Professional Development – webinars are clearly becoming the medium of choice when it comes to educating in the online space. The reasons are obvious – we’re becoming more time poor, stretched for resources and conscious of budgets, but at the same time we’re becoming even more thirsty for knowledge than ever before. And with over 40% of Global Fortune 500 companies now using some form of educational technology, (Aurion Technology, 2014) it’s no wonder the trends are moving in the online direction.

Web-based training solutions provide an online environment that combines interactive virtual elements with collaborative and engaging learning. Workplaces can now be accessed from anywhere in the world all with nothing more than just a simple click. In many organisations, webinars are now commonly used to train, educate and up-skill employees resulting in increased efficiency, flexibility and a positive impact on the bottom line.

Recent studies undertaken by Wainhouse Research have highlighted the trends, advantages and disadvantages associated with online forms of communication for educational purposes within Primary and Secondary sectors and educational Service Content Providers (SCP). They forecast that the use of education and corporate training via web based technologies will increase by 11.4% by 2017, (Wainhouse Research 2012, Market Sizing and Forecast) and have found that the benefits associated with this type of learning style extend much further than just cost savings.


Online Training, The Redback Way

The Redback platform is ideal for delivering education online. And with local, human customer support and dedicated event managers, you can be comforted in the fact that we have you and your entire programs covered.

Let us take care of…

Email Marketing: Let us design fully branded email invitations, confirmations and reminder emails
Registration Collection: Responsive registration templates can be designed to replicate your website
Payment: Looking to charge for your event? We have that covered too
Presenter Training: Leave it to us to train your presenter on the platform and ways to get the most out of your online audience
Professional Facilitation: Take your webinar up a notch and let us facilitate, guide or interview your presenter
Support: We’re online throughout your entire event – and, your online attendees have complimentary access to our support line
Room Rental: Our State of Art Broadcast Studios have been designed specifically to host webinars
Reporting: Email Tracking, Attendance, Conversions and Online Behaviour – we give you access to it all!
Consultation: We’ve been there, done that – speak to our Event Managers or have a one-on-one call with our Marketing Department

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