Digital Event Consulting

Not sure where to begin? Need to create a Digital Strategy? "The Starter Session was the perfect way to introduce our team to webinars. We're now running them seamlessly on a regular basis!" - JIRA > Maximise your ROI with half day consulting


Customised solutions, simplicity at its best “Implementing Redback’s Teleconferencing service meant a saving of 36% on our current rates – but this just proved to be the beginning!” – Mountain Designs > Hold point to call internal m

Video Conferencing

Simple, effective and accessible to anyone "Redback’s default position is to listen first. You know they’re wanting to be embedded in the way your business runs and the way you interact with your customers" - Aptify Australia > Automatic B

Web Conferencing

The world's most feature rich and easy to use platform. "Having someone like Redback to support you is important. What we’re getting is really a fantastic service, and we know that the product from Redback is always going to be amazing" - Australa


From Live Streaming and Studio Panels. "We had increased our physical attendance by 100 delegates and our virtual attendee list grew by 550 more delegates compared to the year before" - Institute of Public Administration Australia > Stream you


You focus on the content, we'll make it happen "Our Managed Webinars with Redback have been amazing – they’re just very proactive. It’s nice to work with people who love their job and are good at it – makes our job a lot easier" - Mental Hea