A Day in the Life of…Sales!

A Day in the Life of…Sales!

Blog, Featured, The Redback Team, redBACK  September 15, 2016

Like many organisations, there is a bit of healthy rivalry between marketing (we are better) and sales. So naturally when I raised my hand to shadow one of our Business Development Managers Rowan in sales for a day, it was a little like Anakin Skywalker joining the dark side – except our lightsabres were replaced with the glowing light of Bluetooth headsets (terrible joke I know).

As it turns out, there is more to sales than just high heels, suits and hours of banter. When the working day was over I walked away with loads of great insights and a stack of newfound respect for what they do. Here is some of what I learnt:

It’s about gaining relationships, not transactions

Rather than simply chasing KPI’s and signing up whoever he could, Rowan looked to create strong, long-term relationship with his clients. Why? Any good salesperson can sell you something, but it takes more than simply selling to ensure your clients stay and aren’t swayed by what your competitor offers.

I was impressed to see that Rowan was always available to chat to his clients about any concerns and ensured to follow up on his promises. This seemingly small gesture of ‘listening’ went a long way and taught me a thing or two about loyalty and customer service.

Do your research (and be thankful for LinkedIn Sales Navigator)

I’ll admit it, I’m pretty good at Facebook stalking (probably not a good thing) but I never thought this skill could actually be useful in my career – until today. Before picking up the phone, Rowan made sure to get as much information about his prospect as he could and identified what need they could have for our services.

This gave him an incredible edge and ensured that he had the best possible chance going into every call.

Never give up!

While rejection is a reality of a life in sales, Rowan showed me that a little resilience can go a long way. If a prospect wasn’t interested, he created touch-points which left space for future interactions. If they didn’t answer, he kept calling until he booked a meeting (he even admitted to calling a client hundreds of times before she agreed to listen to him, now who’s the stalker?)

While this seems like a lot of hard work, it is effective and created loads of opportunities which weren’t there at first glance.

I am really grateful to work in a company which promotes initiatives like this and I encourage everyone to give it a go. To learn more about Redback initiatives please visit:


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*I, Vesna Ilic confirm that I was not paid by Rowan to write this blog.