Augment your franchisee training program with webinars!

Training and education are essential in the highly systemised franchise industry. Desired results and performance are directly linked to the training provided to franchisees. Franchisors need to provide training both in the initial start-up period as well as on an ongoing basis. For a franchisor to remain competitive in the long term, franchisees must be informed on best practices, industry trends, product updates, location openings, licensing information, operating procedures, and strategic information. Beyond competitiveness, for a franchisor to remain compliant and in business, franchisees must be cognisant of legal issues and be tracked on their knowledge. Learn about Redback’s Participant Engagement Reporting here.

Online training is an essential tool for both partners in a franchise relationship, both franchisor and franchisee. Read here for a quick guide on how to implement online training.

Convenience, cost-savings, and consistency are key benefits to implementing an online training program. Franchisors can disseminate information while reducing costs and maintaining consistency easily. Franchisees are typically so busy with the day-to-day activities that attending in-person training, updates, and debriefs are a strain on time and money. With device-agnostic online training, franchisees can access information at a time convenient for them. There is no excuse for not keeping abreast of issues when information can be accessed so readily.

Hosting webinars online allows franchisors to cut costs and receive long-term dividends. Their training content can be accessed again in the future as it is needed. Find out how you can take your CPD programs online here.

Not convinced on taking on webinars? Read below for the 7 Benefits of Online Training Webinars:

  • Extending the reach of franchisors to their franchisees in dispersed locations
  • Reducing the costs involved with traditional online training, such as event hire, catering, transportation, and accommodation costs
  • Simple platform where franchisors can upload content easily and on-the-go if they need to communicate a message
  • Providing training that can be accessed at the user’s convenience and from any location and device
  • Ensuring consistency in messaging that might be otherwise altered when delivered by personnel live
  • Instantaneous updates so that franchisees have the latest training information and updates
  • Ability for participants and hosts to track participation/engagement through Engagement Reporting to see who is being compliant

Want to know how to create your own webinar? Read here for our Webinar Organiser Handbook.

Want to learn more about the custom solutions available to you? Speak to a specialist at 1800 733 416 today!

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Ready to make distance obsolete? The new RBVideo is now here!

Better business meetings, engaging virtual classrooms and enhanced project collaboration – HD Video Conferencing is compelling, and now you have access to the most reliable and feature rich platform in the market. It’s simple, effective and accessible.

What’s it all about?

– Face to face collaboration from anywhere in the world = instant collaboration
– Accessibility from any device = start meetings from Apple and Android + native Skype for Business Integration
– Australian hosting and support = everything stays on-shore and you speak to a real person
– Connect with and H.323 or SIP Device = connect from any hardware endpoint
– Dial in and connect via telephone = accommodate all attendees
– Flexible pricing options for all = because that’s how it should be!

We know you’ve got questions, so here’s the answers:

“We use Skype for Business internally. While this solution would be great for external meetings, we only want one platform.”
Perfect – RBVideo has native S4B integration meaning you can have the best of both worlds all in one platform!

“It all sounds good in theory, but getting people on-board with it is just too hard.”
This is where we come in! We’ll help you manage all on-boarding and our connect via telephone feature means even the most reluctant of users can start collaborating instantly. Plus, users can join via an APP from any mobile device.

“I’m interested, but am looking to evaluate current providers.”
We’ve done all the hard work for you! Click here to view our Comparison Guide

Are you ready to make distance obsolete?

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Want to measure how engaging your webinars are? NEW Feature – Participant Engagement Scoring

Webinars – we’ve now got the hang of them, we’re starting to see results and our programs are planned and ready to go.

However, there’s always that one word in the back our minds – engagement!

– Create engaging webinars they say,
– Make sure you’re engaging your online audiences
– Tools, Features, interaction – it all equals engagement!

But what does engaging even mean? And how are we supposed to measure it?

At Redback, we’ve created Live Participant Engagement Scoring. An automatic scoring system that allows you to measure the behaviour of your online participants and in turn, refine your webinar programs and improve your Return On Investment.

Here’s how the technology works….

Currently, at the end of your webinars you receive your attendee list, polling and survey results and chat transcripts. There’s some great data in there, but we know that many of you don’t know what to do with it.

Now, you’ll receive all of this, along with an engagement scoring report for each individual who has participated in your webinar.


How did we do this?
It’s a simple formula – Interaction plus behaviour (and some feedback) equals engagement.

We score your attendees based on two main areas – Quantitative and Qualitative Score.

The quantitative score looks at the behaviour of your attendees – this includes their duration in your event, whether they participated in polls or completed an in-room survey.

The qualitative data is based on one simple question that you can ask either in a poll or in room survey. HOW ENGAGING DID YOU FIND THIS WEBINAR, include the 5 possible responses, and we’ll then either add or deduct points from your attendees total score.

Watch this video for more information!

So now you’ve got a number to work with, what does that mean?

Measuring your participant engagement scores across your webinar programs is a great way to fine tune what you’re doing.

– Discover which content works best
– Uncover your most engaging presenters
– Better qualify leads for your sales teams
– Refine your CPD Programs

The best news? These reports are completely retroactive, meaning the formula will apply  to all your previous webinars.  Take a look in your Account Management Portal and see how it all works!

Live Participant Engagement Scoring was made with you in mind. Because there’s no point putting in all the hard work if you can’t measure your results.

Want to learn how to access your reports and understand what they all mean?
Click here to access the Instructional Guide

Once you’ve got the data, how can you improve your webinar programs?
Click here to download the Inspirational Guide

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The Redback Team

Using Chrome to join your Webinars or Webcasts? Important Flash Update Required

One of the main benefits of our Webinar and Webcast platforms has always been the ease of joining – there’s no downloads because they all run off Adobe Flash.

However, Google have made an update to their web browser Chrome. If you are using Google Chrome to join a Redback Webinar or Webcast you will first need to enable Adobe Flash in order to view the video content.

The good news is, you can permanently enable Flash in Chrome in three simple steps. Meaning you’ll never have any issues joining an online event again.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome and type in the following address: www.webcasts.com.au/digital-event-landscape
Step 2: Click on the i icon as shown below


Step 3: Once the below pop up opens, simply click on the drop down box alongside Flash, and select ‘Always allow on this site


We have also updated our Attendee Joining Guides to include this information. If you are organising webinars or webcasts, please make sure you always provide these links to your attendees before your events.

Click here to view the Attendee Overview Documents

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Support Team on the details below:

Australia: 1800 733 416
NZ: 0800 231 717
International: +61 2 9037 0330

Until next time,
The Redback Team

High Definition Video Conferencing, No Software Downloads and Affordable Pricing – Hello Redback Video!

Collaboration Technology has come a long way. From traditional teleconferencing to presenting from anywhere in the world using superior web conferencing platforms, a lot has changed. And while all of this has transformed the way we work and made us all much more efficient, sometimes you just want to be able to see who you are talking to!

Since May 2016 we have been working with Ezuce, a derivative of the longest running Collaboration Network in the world, to bring together our own Cloud Video Conferencing Service that gives you all the benefits at a fraction of the cost. Here’s what it’s all about:

– High Definition, Multi -Point Video Conferencing allowing you to connect up to 50 participants
– No need to download software – choose to access via WebRTC in your browser
– Locally hosted – all your data remains here in Australia
– Automatic Bandwidth Optimisation for those in poor connectivity areas
– Instant access via your desktop, Android or Apple Device through Redback App
– Already using Redback? You can use the same codes for Redback Video
– Personalise your own layout and activate sub-conferences

The Technology:
For us, it’s always been about working with technology partners that offer the best products available. When it came to a video conferencing partner, Ezuce was a clear choice. We can now offer our Australian customers a new level of individualised control with a personalised meeting experience.

Stacking up the Competition:

We get it, making the decision to implement any solution can be difficult. Who offers the best platform? What if I make the wrong decision? This is why we’ve done the hard work for you. Here’s how Redback Video compares to
BlueJeans, Vidyo, Lifesize and Google.

The Pricing:
Every organisation is different, and we’re confident our pricing reflects that. Whether you’re looking to share one licence around your office or hold up to 50 concurrent meetings at once, the option is there!


For more information on how you can get started with Redback Video contact us at marketing@redbackconferencing.com.au or 1800 733 416.

Until next time,
The Redback Team

An Award Winning Webinar Series – it has just been achieved!

Hosting a webinar series can be hard work – the organising, marketing, presenting; there’s no doubt that as organisers we put a lot in!

But you know what we love? We love it when that hard work pays off.

One of Redback’s longest serving webinar customers, Mental Health Professionals Network (MHPN) has been awarded the 2016 Audio-Visual Media Achievement Award from the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Disassociation (ISSTD) based in San Francisco.

Their series of four complex professional development webinars  supported the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and has been applauded for representing an ‘innovative and highly effective media model.’

The series was viewed live by over 3,000 participants, and achieved higher registration numbers than webinars on any other mental health subject. By the end of March 2016 the webinar recording of the four-part series had exceeded 13,000 views. You can find out more here.

MHPN CEO Chris Gibbs said, “We are very pleased to accept this award.  The MHPN platform was established to bring high quality, online, interactive, professional development to mental health practitioners.  The high response by practitioners to this webinar series is a reflection on their willingness to learn more about how to respond to this critical issue.”

Congratulations guys, we could not be happier! Over the years many of us here at Redback have had the pleasure of working with the organisation. We’ve shared in the highs and supported each other through new initiatives and creative decisions that have encouraged us all to push the boundaries when it comes to delivering education via webinar environment.

Your attention to audience feedback, dedication to providing quality content and creating an online community is something to definitely be proud of.

To the team at MPHN, your success is our success and it’s why we do what we do.

Congratulations once again, we can’t wait to see what else you have in store!

Until next time,
Sara Gonzalez

50 of the Best Tips for Your Online Meetings and Events

Do you ever get stuck on what content to present?

Have you ever thought about quizzing your online attendees from within the webinar platform?

Or how often do you think about your opening webinar slide?

From presenting to marketing and everything in-between; sometimes we can become complacent and let’s face it, stick to following the process when it comes to each webinar or webcast.

Here at Redback we’ve put together our Top 50 Tips when it comes to preparing, presenting and interacting in your online meetings and events.

Click here to download

Extending the Life of Your Webinars and Webcasts – The On-Demand Guide

As 2016 kicks in so do many of our Online Programs. Many of us are no doubt finalising dates, sourcing presenters and putting together everything needed to make our webinars and webcasts the best they can be.

But, are we thinking about what happens once our events are over? Are we really maximising our Return on Investment by simply sending a recording and then moving onto the next one?

In this guide we uncover the 3 simple steps needed to bring your content back to life – CPR!

Click here to download

Your New Support Centre – Take a look!

Let’s face it – when you need support, you want it there and then and you want it to be accessible from one central location.

We get it – which is why we’ve created our one stop shop Support Centre. Your new Knowledge Base contains all the information you’ll ever need on…

✚ User Guides for Teleconferencing, Web Conferencing and Video Conferencing
✚ Video Tutorials for Web Conferencing
✚ Complete access to the Hosting Your Online Event Video Series
✚ Complete access to The Presenter Centre
✚ On-demand Business Skills Webinars and Webcasts
✚ Plus… your own Q&A Community!

Click here to access your Support Centre

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Say Hello to Your New Web Conferencing Platform

Who doesn’t love a good makeover?

We’ve made a few changes to our Web Conferencing Platform – it’s clean, it’s fresh and from December 1st it’s all yours!

What’s changed?
The features and functions have not been modified, the biggest change is the look and feel. You’ll notice a much cleaner interface that will be much more complimentary to your branding.

Over the next few months some of the features will undergo small changes to make them more user-friendly. There won’t be any radical changes and you will be notified by email about anything significant.

There are some small changes to the wording of some features:

  • The “moderator” role is now called “organizer”
  • Recast is now “AutoPilot”
  • “Slide Show” module is just called “Slides”
  • “Desktop Sharing” has been changed to “Screen Sharing”

When will the changes take place?
The changes will come into effect on December 1st 2015. They will automatically appear, nothing is required from your end.

We’ve got the answers! Simply email support@redbackconferencing.com.au or click here for updated User Guides.

Until next time,