Our Top 3 Tips on Making Money with Lead Generation

Only 1 in 10 event organisers feel their lead generation tactics are effective*.  So, what’s the missing link?

Webinars and Webcasts for Lead Generation of course! Think of it as selling, without really selling. This engagement medium is perfect to capture as much behavioural data before, during and after your event.

After some time you’ll notice an increase in conversion rates and a much more engaged audience. We believe in it so much we do it ourselves! Here’s our top 3 tips on how to make money with lead generation…

Tip #1 – The Buyers Journey

Always base what you do on the behaviour of your customer. Try to ‘woo’ your audience without having the need to propose on the first date. Keep them engaged and interested by creating a plan like the one in this guide.

Tip #2 – Create Thought Provoking Content

It’s good practice to create inspirational visuals/infographics that will relay your message clearly and concisely –making your content that much easier to comprehend. Keep your customers in mind especially at each sales stage and ensure that your lead generation strategy is streamlined and has your end goal in mind – to sustain, nurture and convert!

Tip #3 – Know the Nurture

Nurturing is designed to influence the buying process of your leads and ultimately help them in deciding to sign up!Sales and Marketing automation platforms (e.g. Marketo and Hubspot) allow you to build engagement campaigns that categorise your database and market to them via an email program in a well thought out, systematic way. These tools can help you communicate to your attendees before, during and after your event.

There you have it! Our top 3 tips on Making Money with Lead Generation. To find out more on other ways to make money from your Digital Events download The Ultimate Guide by clicking here.

Money, money, money! Are you ready to make some?

Until next time,
The Redback Team

*Source – Hubspot, 30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips 

Top 3 Tips to Making Money with Sponsorship!

Sponsorship. Big word, big chunk of your potential revenue generating stream. So why is it often overlooked or poorly executed?

Well, we think it’s because there isn’t enough information on how to utilise it best for your Digital Events.

Luckily, we have some tips for you! Here are our top 3 that will ensure your sponsors get the most from their sponsorship dollars… and potentially make some bucks for you too!

Tip #1 – Target the right sponsor
Make sure you target sponsors that have similar goals, objectives and an aligned purpose to you. This is beneficial as it will help to ensure you are targeting the right brand for your event. Contact the most compatible sponsors and see what you can offer them. Be ready for questions and work with your digital event providers to ensure you know how to answer them. Consider arranging some examples – maybe even a link to a recent event!

Tip #2 – How to get your perfect sponsor on board
Now that you’ve chosen the right sponsor, how do you gain their support? Providing them with the finer details prior to the live/online event is incredibly important, especially when it comes to delivering results and reporting after the event – this will set you apart from others. Remember, sponsors need to justify their expense to play a part in your event, particularly if they’re scouring the market for other opportunities, so make it worth their while!

Tip #3 – Promote your sponsor via Marketing Assets
During the lead up to your event, you’ll have many touch points with your audience which can all be co-branded with your sponsor in mind. You can take advantage of these opportunities by utilising landing pages, logo’s, email invitations, re-direct pages and within the digital event platform.

There you have it! Our top 3 tips to Making Money with Sponsorship. To find out more on other ways to make money from your Digital Events download The Ultimate Guide by clicking here.

Money, money, money! Are you ready to make some?

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The Redback Team

Ready to make distance obsolete? The new RBVideo is now here!

Better business meetings, engaging virtual classrooms and enhanced project collaboration – HD Video Conferencing is compelling, and now you have access to the most reliable and feature rich platform in the market. It’s simple, effective and accessible.

What’s it all about?

– Face to face collaboration from anywhere in the world = instant collaboration
– Accessibility from any device = start meetings from Apple and Android + native Skype for Business Integration
– Australian hosting and support = everything stays on-shore and you speak to a real person
– Connect with and H.323 or SIP Device = connect from any hardware endpoint
– Dial in and connect via telephone = accommodate all attendees
– Flexible pricing options for all = because that’s how it should be!

We know you’ve got questions, so here’s the answers:

“We use Skype for Business internally. While this solution would be great for external meetings, we only want one platform.”
Perfect – RBVideo has native S4B integration meaning you can have the best of both worlds all in one platform!

“It all sounds good in theory, but getting people on-board with it is just too hard.”
This is where we come in! We’ll help you manage all on-boarding and our connect via telephone feature means even the most reluctant of users can start collaborating instantly. Plus, users can join via an APP from any mobile device.

“I’m interested, but am looking to evaluate current providers.”
We’ve done all the hard work for you! Click here to view our Comparison Guide

Are you ready to make distance obsolete?

Click here to view pricing
Click here to request an online demo

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Want to measure how engaging your webinars are? NEW Feature – Participant Engagement Scoring

Webinars – we’ve now got the hang of them, we’re starting to see results and our programs are planned and ready to go.

However, there’s always that one word in the back our minds – engagement!

– Create engaging webinars they say,
– Make sure you’re engaging your online audiences
– Tools, Features, interaction – it all equals engagement!

But what does engaging even mean? And how are we supposed to measure it?

At Redback, we’ve created Live Participant Engagement Scoring. An automatic scoring system that allows you to measure the behaviour of your online participants and in turn, refine your webinar programs and improve your Return On Investment.

Here’s how the technology works….

Currently, at the end of your webinars you receive your attendee list, polling and survey results and chat transcripts. There’s some great data in there, but we know that many of you don’t know what to do with it.

Now, you’ll receive all of this, along with an engagement scoring report for each individual who has participated in your webinar.


How did we do this?
It’s a simple formula – Interaction plus behaviour (and some feedback) equals engagement.

We score your attendees based on two main areas – Quantitative and Qualitative Score.

The quantitative score looks at the behaviour of your attendees – this includes their duration in your event, whether they participated in polls or completed an in-room survey.

The qualitative data is based on one simple question that you can ask either in a poll or in room survey. HOW ENGAGING DID YOU FIND THIS WEBINAR, include the 5 possible responses, and we’ll then either add or deduct points from your attendees total score.

Watch this video for more information!

So now you’ve got a number to work with, what does that mean?

Measuring your participant engagement scores across your webinar programs is a great way to fine tune what you’re doing.

– Discover which content works best
– Uncover your most engaging presenters
– Better qualify leads for your sales teams
– Refine your CPD Programs

The best news? These reports are completely retroactive, meaning the formula will apply  to all your previous webinars.  Take a look in your Account Management Portal and see how it all works!

Live Participant Engagement Scoring was made with you in mind. Because there’s no point putting in all the hard work if you can’t measure your results.

Want to learn how to access your reports and understand what they all mean?
Click here to access the Instructional Guide

Once you’ve got the data, how can you improve your webinar programs?
Click here to download the Inspirational Guide

Until next time,
The Redback Team

The 2017 Redback Report is here – Discover the current Digital Event Landscape

When do people prefer to join Digital Events?
What keeps online audiences engaged?

Thanks to your amazing feedback, we’ve got the answers!

The 2017 Redback Report is now available to download. We had an overwhelming amount of responses and from what we can see, we’re all becoming very familiar with the online world.

Click here to download the 2017 Redback Report

Congratulations to the two winners of the $500 Digital Event Voucher:

Breanne Roberts
Danielle McCarthy
Steve Griffiths

We hope you enjoy the report – here’s to many more successful Digital Events!


A Day in the Life of…Sales!

Like many organisations, there is a bit of healthy rivalry between marketing (we are better) and sales. So naturally when I raised my hand to shadow one of our Business Development Managers Rowan in sales for a day, it was a little like Anakin Skywalker joining the dark side – except our lightsabres were replaced with the glowing light of Bluetooth headsets (terrible joke I know).

As it turns out, there is more to sales than just high heels, suits and hours of banter. When the working day was over I walked away with loads of great insights and a stack of newfound respect for what they do. Here is some of what I learnt:

It’s about gaining relationships, not transactions

Rather than simply chasing KPI’s and signing up whoever he could, Rowan looked to create strong, long-term relationship with his clients. Why? Any good salesperson can sell you something, but it takes more than simply selling to ensure your clients stay and aren’t swayed by what your competitor offers.

I was impressed to see that Rowan was always available to chat to his clients about any concerns and ensured to follow up on his promises. This seemingly small gesture of ‘listening’ went a long way and taught me a thing or two about loyalty and customer service.

Do your research (and be thankful for LinkedIn Sales Navigator)

I’ll admit it, I’m pretty good at Facebook stalking (probably not a good thing) but I never thought this skill could actually be useful in my career – until today. Before picking up the phone, Rowan made sure to get as much information about his prospect as he could and identified what need they could have for our services.

This gave him an incredible edge and ensured that he had the best possible chance going into every call.

Never give up!

While rejection is a reality of a life in sales, Rowan showed me that a little resilience can go a long way. If a prospect wasn’t interested, he created touch-points which left space for future interactions. If they didn’t answer, he kept calling until he booked a meeting (he even admitted to calling a client hundreds of times before she agreed to listen to him, now who’s the stalker?)

While this seems like a lot of hard work, it is effective and created loads of opportunities which weren’t there at first glance.

I am really grateful to work in a company which promotes initiatives like this and I encourage everyone to give it a go. To learn more about Redback initiatives please visit:


Until next time,

*I, Vesna Ilic confirm that I was not paid by Rowan to write this blog.

Presenting Perfectly – The Ultimate Guide to Presenting via the Redback Platform

So, you’re thinking about presenting your first webinar? While most of us have attended a virtual event, the thought of presenting online can be a little daunting. But fear not! The Redback Team have put together some tips and tricks on presenting to make sure your webinar is a success.

Here’s what the guide covers:

–  Creating a professional and engaging presentation
–  How to best use engagement tools including polls and surveys
–  Tips for hosting Q&A sessions
–  Game Day Checklist

Take a look at this guide if:

– You are looking to present via the Redback platform
– You are organising a webinar through Redback – this is perfect to send to your presenters

Click here to download 

The Redback Team

New Online TV Show Premiere!

It’s 22 minutes of no-holds barred associations’ sector analysis and it’s completely unscripted!

Associations’ strategy, membership acquisition and the fundamental purpose of associations… Those topics and many, many more are on the table and up for debate as Sara, Rob and Andrew dial up the provocation for Six Degrees of Association – also known as #6DA.

The associations’ sector is huge; it’s complex and just as importantly it’s endlessly fascinating. That’s why we’re committed to making sense of it, as we break down our sector and throw it back out there for your entertainment.

Across a rapid-fire twenty-two minute format, we will:

  • Explore the good and bad, with thumbs-up and thumbs-down
  • Tackle the big issues in the lunchtime special
  • Prove there really is an association for everything with ‘obscure associations’
  • Share your feedback during the two-minute warning.

#6DA is a conversation with the broader sector. So join us from 12:22pm, every second Tuesday for Six Degrees of Association. #6DA. www.sixdegreesofassociation.com

No registration is required and anyone can join!

Looking forward to seeing you there,

“It was my first webcast in two months and I was rusty!” – Tips for Presenting on Camera

You just can’t avoid it – eventually as a webinar or webcast presenter you are going to have to switch on the camera and live out your inner news reader.

This week we held our first Business Skills Webcast for the year and once I heard 3, 2, 1 I suddenly became so nervous! Why? It had been over two months since my last webcast and I was very rusty. However, it gave me the opportunity to take a step back and realise what all presenters must feel like if they a) have never presented in front of a camera or b) don’t do it on a
regular basis.

Here are some things that helped me get through the next 45 minutes. Feel free to use them or if you’re an organiser of webinars or webcasts, pass them onto your presenters:

Perfect your introduction
You only get one chance to make a first impression – it’s a lot easier to log out of an online event than walk out of a room full of people. Create an introduction that can be used for all events you host and eventually it will just roll off your tongue:

Use words you are familiar with. In order to engage your audience you need to be natural and sound like you are having a conversation with someone as opposed to talking at them.
Cover it all – from the topic to the interactive tools of the platform, but keep it short and sweet.
Here’s a template you can use:

“Hello and welcome to today’s webcast, How to Host Your Own Online Event. Today we will be uncovering tips to market, host and report on your webinars and webcasts. Before we begin, here’s some tips on how you can interact with us:

-Use the chat box to ask questions and share your comments with everyone involved
-Access supporting documentation by clicking on the resource tab located in the bottom corner of your screen
-Provide us with your feedback by clicking on the survey tab before you leave the event
-And, if you are experiencing difficulty hearing the sound from your computer, please dial in and listen through your telephone by following the instructions on your screen

Keep bio’s to a minimum
Memorising an entire biography can be difficult and will no doubt increase nerves. If you are facilitating, simply introduce your presenter, their position title, and company and get them to elaborate on what makes them credible. And, if you are the presenter, keep your bio short and sweet and consider using your opening slide to explain more about who you are and what you do.

Get comfortable
This used to be my number 1 mistake, especially if I wasn’t sitting behind a panel desk. This is probably more for females, but I don’t want to generalise:

-Clothing: Wear something that isn’t going to move as you speak and consider lapel microphones
-Jewellery: A good microphone will pick up everything – bangles, watches and necklaces banging around will only distract your audience
-Hair: It does get in the way, especially if you are presenting side on

Remember the online
It can be easy to forget about the camera as you’re presenting. My tip is to look into the barrel of the camera and refer to your notes only when you need to. Keep it conversational and if there’s more than one of you, ensure you talk to you co-host/facilitator every 20 seconds or so.

If you don’t have a teleprompter handy, type up the key notes of your presentation in bullet points and display them in a PPT on a large screen directly above the camera. You won’t look down as much and will be less likely to forget key points.

Be natural
No –one wants to sit and watch a robot present on-screen for an extended period of time. It’s important to remain natural, let your personality come through and remember that whatever will be, will be. It’s not always going to be seamless and yes, sometimes things are going to go wrong – it’s how you deal with it that matters!

Online audiences appreciate a sense of humour – it helps cut through the technology barrier and makes your content memorable. In saying this, ensure you remain professional at all times – leave the ‘in jokes’ for another time.

Just get over the first 5 seconds
Believe me, once the first 5 seconds are over it’s all UP! Just remember, you know your content better than anyone and everyone is there because YOU are the subject matter expert. Enjoy the experience!

Feel free to take a look at this week’s webcast. We were joined by Marc Cowper from Recomazing and chatted to him about how to transform your customers into the most effective marketing channel.

Until next time,

50 of the Best Tips for Your Online Meetings and Events

Do you ever get stuck on what content to present?

Have you ever thought about quizzing your online attendees from within the webinar platform?

Or how often do you think about your opening webinar slide?

From presenting to marketing and everything in-between; sometimes we can become complacent and let’s face it, stick to following the process when it comes to each webinar or webcast.

Here at Redback we’ve put together our Top 50 Tips when it comes to preparing, presenting and interacting in your online meetings and events.

Click here to download