Post-Event Interview: Catching up with Rahul Kumar on Social Selling

Post-Event Interview: Catching up with Rahul Kumar on Social Selling

Business Skills Series, Events, The Redback Team, redBACK  March 23, 2018

What a sensational start to the Team Redback webcasting season! Our first Business Skills Series webcast of the year has gone without a hitch. We invited Rahul Kumar, of Resonate Business Ignition, to share his expertise on Social Selling and to provide our audience with applicable strategies and tips. Our host, Michael Bunker, caught up with Rahul just after the live event and interviewed him on the webcast experience and how to repurpose the content for to maximise value.


Michael: Once again thank you so much for joining me today it’s great to have you back on

Rahul: Thank you, no problem at all

1. Michael: For this interview, I’m going to start off with an easy one. Was it as scary as you thought it would be presenting the webcast?

Rahul: Not at all. You guys made it really comfortable. You’re a very professional outfit, you have a really welcoming and warm team which made the whole process pretty undaunting. I’ve done webcasts myself for my audiences but leaving yourself in some other organisers hands, requires trust. There are good reasons why you have a good brand name out there. 

2. Michael: Thank you so much. You’ve done webcasts before; you’ve done webinars yourself. How would you envision using this technology in your space beyond what you’ve already done? Have you thought of new ways to do it? How will you be using the technology?

Rahul: Absolutely, I’ve completely transformed my thought process. I think the way in which Redback Conferencing presents its solution to the market out there is fantastic. It’s almost like being in an auditorium with a speaker. The quality of the hardware, the quality of the software that you folks use, and the overall process has got me thinking that I don’t want this to be a one-off thing. I would love to have a B2B sales series exclusively with Redback. If you will have me.

Michael: Absolutely

Rahul: I would love to have a webinar once a month, come up with just B2B Sales material which is very pertinent to the B2B seller. I’m learning all the time. This is an ongoing series rather than just a one-off conversation.

Michael: Great. Thank you so much and we’ll definitely have you. There’s no doubt about that. We’ve loved working with you.

Rahul: Thank you

3. Michael: If you could have done something differently in the webcast what would it have been?

Rahul: Maybe just shorter responses on a few questions. I would’ve probably changed that. I think it ran really well, the fact that you and I had a conversation and a dialogue, rather than it running as a monologue from me, helped. I’d love to be able to jump live on LinkedIn and Twitter and do live demonstrations.

Michael: Live demonstrations? That’s definitely a possibility. In the next one, you could potentially do that. So now this content’s created, how are you going get the most out of it?

Rahul: I think we’ll be repurposing a lot of the content. I’ll use some as questions and I’ll cut it down into sections, possibly writing two to three paragraphs per section of the video and share it. I’ll probably write several paragraphs and then attach the video, and share it. That’s what I typically do. Perhaps I will do a longer article with a video embedded at the end.

4. Michael: Great, that’s great. Now that you are a business skills presenter and that we’ll definitely have you back in the future, what advice would you give to another Business Skills presenter who is nervous about coming in and doing a webcast?

Rahul: Don’t be nervous. The team at Redback is really professional, you folks have done it tons of times before. Tammy and yourself really understand how to put the trainer at ease or the speaker at ease. The technology speaks for itself. You’ve got a really professional setup, centrally located in the city. You’re very flexible on when we could’ve recorded it, you worked around my calendar. I’m sure you have plenty of speakers and I’m not surprised. I’m kind of surprised there hasn’t been a B2B sales leader who has already approached you folks, but I’m putting my hands up first to say, I’d love to do a monthly series with you. That’s how good I found you all.

Michael: We are definitely going to be having you back soon. That’s all the questions. Thank you for your time.

… there you have it! That’s a wrap for the first event of the Business Skills Series. A streamlined process makes creating content that much easier and great content can be repurposed and recycled to maximise value.


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