So you need to… Run a Lead Generation Webinar

In this competitive environment it’s important to continually develop new and innovative ways to source leads. Webinars are the perfect way to create an online community, provide valuable content and in turn generate demand for your products and services. Everyone’s doing it… why not give it a shot?

You can never have too many leads…

Here’s how it works… Once you decide on a relevant topic it’s all about marketing your webinar to your database. For people to attend your webinar they must first complete a registration form containing information that you wish to capture.  Therefore, each registration is a potential lead!

The great thing about this is that people are usually more than willing to provide this information as they are receiving valuable training and education in return.

The benefits of using Lead Generation Webinars…

- Your leads are already pre-qualified

- You have an instant ice breaker and a reason to make contact

- People will automatically be familiar with your organisation and grateful for the experience

Which Redback services should I use for my next Lead Generation Webinar?

- Redback Webinars

- Redback Managed Webinars

Close Box Redback Conferencing