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Here, you have access to user guides, best practice documents and a range of useful tools that will make your conferencing life that little bit easier.


Account Management Portal

AMP User Guide for Moderators

AMP User Guide for Administrators

AMP User Guide for Billing Contacts

Attendee Instruction Guides

Joining a Redback Web Conference

View your webinar or webcast on an Apple or Android device

Best Practice Guides

Hosting a Webinar

Moderator Touch Tone Commands

Best Practice Guide Teleconferencing

Best Practice Guide Web Conferencing

Online Recording

Basic User Guide

Comprehensive User Guide

Security and Privacy

Privacy Statement

Security Measures

System Requirements

Minimum Web Conferencing Requirements

Download the required Ports and IP’s

Download the latest version of Flash

Teleconferencing Help

Comprehensive User Guide – V 2

Moderator Touch Tone Commands

Quick Reference Guide – Teleconferencing


Register for Complimentary Live Online Training Sessions

Useful Tools

Convert Videos to Flash

Country Area Codes

Meeting Wizard

Survey Monkey

Time and Date Converter

Videoconferencing Help

Basic Videoconferencing User Guide

Videoconferencing User Guide for Android Mobile and Tablet Devices

Videoconferencing User Guide for Apple Mobile or Tablet Devices

System Requirements for PC’s, Molbile Devices and H.323 Systems

Videoconferencing Bandwidth Utilisation

Webinar Support

The Presenter Handbook

Hosting a Webinar

Webinar Presenter Checklist

Webinar Presenter Run Sheet

Web Conferencing Help

Comprehensive User Guide – V 2

Quick Reference Guide – Web Conferencing

Basic Step by Step User Guides

Web Conferencing Tutorials

Step by step video tutorials on how to Web Conference


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