There’s no doubt that the Australian and New Zealand Digital Event space has grown significantly over the past few years. The introduction of technologies such as smart phones and tablets along with a push to cut down on business travel and cost expenditure, increase stakeholder engagement and recognition of our impact on the environment have all contributed to an increase in the use of online communities – a place where we can all easily meet, present and collaborate at a distance.

So here’s where we’re at – the benefits have been recognised, the business case has been proven and the applications are abundant. In spite of this, there’s still a long road ahead. When it comes to online solutions such as webinars or webcasts, the land down under is still very much in the early stages of adoption. While we have some of the world’s best technology at our fingertips, we don’t necessarily have the knowledge and education required to make our online events and business meetings as successful as they actually could be.

How do we consistently inform, educate and inspire when it comes to Digital Events? As a conference organiser, how are you supposed to know what does and doesn’t work?

This is where it all changes. The aim of The Redback Report is to shine a light on the online event landscape within Australia and provide insights and experience from those who have done it all before. We survey thousands of online audiences each year and ask them questions that we constantly ask ourselves when organising online meetings and events. From webinars to webcasts and everything in between – online audiences are demanding presenters that inspire, user friendly technology and content that’s easily digestible in a range of formats.

If you could pick one skill to have
what would it be?

While the platform tools are a large part of audience engagement, having a good presenter is the key to ensuring your event is a success.

This year and overwhelming majority of respondents (88%) stated that being passionate and engaging is the most important skill for presenters to have.


The 2017 Redback Report

The results for this year are in and it looks like we’re all becoming much more familiar with the online world. Our expectations are much higher and we’re not afraid to let it all out! Some of the key findings include…

On-demand Content

Around half of us only attend live events half of the time. Not a huge surprise here considering the trends in declining attendance rates. However, 29% of respondents claim they attend 100% of the time.

Money Talks

In previous years, the Corporate Sector has always been the most willing when it comes to paying to attend Live Digital Events. This year, the For Purpose Sector seem to be opening their pockets much more with 44% saying they would pay between $25 – $50 to watch.

Passion Walks

We all know the difference an amazing presenter can make – but what makes them so great? We gave people ONE option and a whopping 88% said passion and engagement wins over technically savvy or free giveaways.

Oh how we’ve changed…

2014 Report

Key findings:


– Tuesday was the most popular day of the week

– 49% attended webinars monthly

– 22% said knowledge made a presenter memorable

2015 Report

Key findings:


– 89% admitted to leaving webinars early

– 63% preferred webcams

– 43% of Government respondents prefer early morning

2016 Report

Key findings:


– 80% are willing to pay to attend

– 52% prefer 45 minute durations

– 41% leave early due to misaligned