Making distance obsolete with Online Meetings and Digital Events

Looking for a provider that can offer you all the services you need? How about an Australian organisation that really gets what you’re trying to achieve?

We could use this space to talk about how great we are and the amazing things we’ve achieved, but it’s really about helping you find the solutions that are going to help you run interactive online meetings and engaging digital events that convert.


"While the traditional teleconference has evolved, simplicity will always be our number one priority"

Web Conferencing

"Web Conferencing should be easy, feature rich and accessible by anyone"

Video Conferencing

"This is cloud video as it was meant to be – simple, effective and accessible"


"Think about your end goal, select your topic and we'll look after the rest!"


"Ever attended a physical event and wondered how valuable it would be if you could access it virtually?"

Digital Event Consulting

"Are we really maximising our Digital Events to their full potential?"

Do you want to measure how engaging your webinars are?

Let’s be honest, what good are online meetings if you can’t measure how engaged your audience is?

Our brand new feature called Live Participant Engagement Scoring is now available in the AMP and is exclusive to Redback. It allows you to never miss a beat when it comes to discovering more about the behaviour and interactions of your webinar participants, taking your webinar reporting to the next level.

Find out more about how this feature can improve your ROI, better qualify leads for your sales teams and help refine your CPD programs. Get started today!

Learn more about Live Participant Engagement Scoring


Informing | Educating | Inspiring


All of our collaboration services are based right here in Australia. That means your information stays on-shore, your data is protected and you get to experience the fastest online events in the market.


Online meetings should be easy for Moderators and for Participants. With Redback, as long as you have Flash, you can connect. No downloads means less support time and more collaborating time.


We offer complimentary support to both you and your online attendees. Best of all, our Customer Support Team is based in Sydney and you get to speak to a real person… every single time.

Peace of mind 

We earn your business each and every time you use us. Pay as you go and cancel anytime. All services are backed by our No Worries Guarantee – if you aren’t happy, you don’t pay – no questions asked!

Who uses Redback?


✓ Connect with key stakeholders
✓ Host online AGM’s and IR Announcements
✓ Enhance on-boarding and internal training
✓ Generate leads and brand awareness
✓ Increase reach
✓ Provide easy access to information
✓ Better inform stakeholders
✓ Communicate updates and critical changes
Third Sector
✓ Deliver CPD and Education
✓ Communicate with volunteers
✓ Host on-demand content
✓ Enhance member engagement

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