What is it?

Digital Events – we all know the benefits and we’re beginning to understand how they work, but are we really maximising them to their full potential? When it comes to webinars and webcasts it’s no longer enough to pick a topic, find a great presenter and then cross your fingers and hope that everyone will turn up.

We want more, and we’re now asking ourselves… “How successful is my webinar program?” “Are we delivering the best online user experience possible?”

Digital Event Consulting is a Success Program that aligns your webinars and webcasts with your organisational strategy. It’s about creating memorable online programs, capturing your desired audience and then converting your goals into success.


We understand that everyone’s Digital Event journey is different. Maybe you’re just beginning, or maybe you’ve been trying the same programs for a few years and are looking to change the outcome. Either way, our Consulting Sessions are designed to make your program a success.

They’re half day face to face sessions based in Sydney and Melbourne and they’re all about you. We research what you’re currently doing, understand your business objectives and then get everyone together for four hours of strategy, brainstorming and interactivity.

Who get’s involved?

✓ Event Organiser
✓ Marketing
✓ Customer or Member

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In 2016 our research showed that in order for an online presenter to engage – passion, enthusiasm and knowledge were the main skills required.

For many years, registrations, attendees and feedback has been the main measure of success for organisations hosting Digital Events.

It’s time to look at things differently.

Yes, technology is important and of course feedback is necessary measure – but we need to start thinking of our Digital Events as part of our overall organisational strategy. Digital Event Consulting is about taking your webinar and webcast programs to the next level. Let’s end one off webinars and start nurturing and building communities.

What’s best for you?

From our starter session to presenting perfectly – we’ve got a variety of Success Programs that are designed to help you maximise your Return On Investment.

The Starter Session


For those new to Digital Events

Up to 10 stakeholders


What’s covered?

✓ Discovering the platform

✓ The A,B,C of creating events

✓ Email Marketing, Registration Tips

✓ Marketing Best Practices

✓ Platform Role Play


You’ll walk away with:

✓ 3 month Digital Event Plan

✓ Organiser Resources

✓ 2 x 30 Minute Pulse Meetings



(Including Morning Tea)

Presenting Perfectly


For Presenters and/or Facilitators

Up to 5 Presenters and/or Facilitators


What’s covered?

✓ Discovering the platform

✓ Transferring content to digital

✓ Storytelling and Framing Techniques

✓ PPT, interview and speaking tips

✓ Interview/Presenter Trial


You’ll walk away with:

✓ Recording of trial

✓ Presenter Resources

✓ 2 x 30 Minute Pulse Meetings



(Including Morning Tea)

The Masterclass


For those who want a refresh

Up to 6 stakeholders


What’s covered?

✓ Researching your current plan

✓ Uncover goals and develop personas

✓ Align key stakeholders

✓ Develop comprehensive Marketing Plan

✓ Journey Map – Participant Experience


You’ll walk away with:

✓ 6 month Digital Event Plan

✓ Digital Event Resources

✓ 4 x 30 Minute Pulse Meetings

✓ 1 x Housekeeping/Intro Video



(Including Morning Tea and Lunch)

Michael Bunker
Sales Manager – Digital Events, Redback Conferencing
Michael’s experience spans across the Technology sector through digital and communications. He has managed and executed digital media strategies to prominent Australian business focusing on webinars, webcasting, hybrid events, online video hosting and custom video portals. He has over seven years’ experience in the Technology sector and plays a pivotal role in guiding customers when it comes to their webinar and webcast programs.

Think of Michael as your online event consultant – from marketing to increasing attendance and choosing the right solution for your needs – he is there every step of the way.