What is it?

Webcasting, the gold standard in delivering online events. It’s quickly becoming the innovative and inexpensive way to broadcast your physical events allowing you to reach a wider audience, generate a higher return on investment and stand out from your competitors. Many are now also choosing to stream panel discussions, interviews and product launches from state-of-the-art studios.

Why? Because of their flexibility, you can communicate with rural and remote audiences, tap into the viral potential of social media and increase your revenue – all in one easy to use platform. Now you can instantly deliver your mission-critical event to thousands of people in Australia and beyond.

Our dedicated Project Managers know what it takes to create a seamless and professional event that everyone will remember. Think about what you want to achieve from your webcast, select your venue, your speakers and we’ll take over the rest.


Ever registered for a physical event and wondered how valuable it would be if you could access it virtually? Give your attendees access to your content from any device.


✓ Attract a wider audience

✓ Extend the life of your content

✓ Increase sponsorship opportunities

✓ Access international speakers

✓ Maximise your Return On Investment


Host panel discussions and interviews from our state of the art Sydney and Melbourne CBD Studios. Complete with Green Screen, lighting and dedicated Project Management.


✓ Deliver educational panel sessions

✓ Engage rural and remote attendees

✓ Pre-record content and host it online

✓ Stream-in international speakers

✓ Gain a competitive edge


It really is the gift that keeps on giving! Utilise our Studios to create, edit and produce top quality videos which can be used for event promotion, marketing, training and more.


✓ Extend the life of your content

✓ Charge for access

✓ Brand and customise landing pages

✓ Host video and slide presentations

✓ Capture data and analytics

Webcast vs. Webinar

We know what you’re thinking – what’s the difference? Here are the main benefits of hosting a Redback Webcast:

✓ High definition video – video is KING!
✓ Presenters speak to an audience or camera – not a computer
✓ Customisable Green Screens
✓ Room rental in Sydney and Melbourne
✓ On-demand hosting

How do you know if a webcast is right for you?
✓ Is your presenter engaging and familiar with speaking to camera?
✓ Is it critical for your brand to be front and centre?
✓ Are you looking to host a panel discussion?
✓ Are you looking to stream a physical event to those who can’t attend?

Get started
Looking to stream your physical event but not quite sure where to begin? Take at look at our guide for top tips.
The home of webcasts! Take a look at examples and hear from those who have done it all before!
Looking to use a Green Screen but not quite sure on which background to use? Check out our customiser!


Watch a 4 person panel streamed live from our Sydney Studio. Georgie Dent leads an all star panel in this International Women’s Day Event.



Mix it up and interview your presenter from our Studios – complete with Green Screen and HD Video



Want to reach a wider audience? Take a look at how a Hybrid Event works and all the features you have access to.



Our pricing is customised based on a range of factors including location, audience numbers and editing requirements.
Webcasts include dedicated project management, 12 months on-demand hosting, custom branded registration pages and confirmation emails.
Webcasts start from $3,000