What is it?

Easily accessible Digital Events – it’s arguably one of the most important requirements when selecting a provider. Our Webinar Services are designed to minimise internet bandwidth demands, are hosted and supported in Australia and can be fully managed and supported by our local team of dedicated Event Managers.

Eight years ago we transformed the virtual collaboration space in Australia by offering best of breed, locally hosted solutions that allowed organisations to host simple and engaging meetings. Fast forward to now, and we’re leading the way when it comes to webinars.

Over half of our team is made up of dedicated Project Managers who deliver over 150 Managed Webinars per month to some of Australia’s most high profile organisations. We’re a supplier of choice because we understand your goals and are committed to helping you achieve them – your success is our success.

Fully Managed Webinars

They’re our claim to fame because we do them better than anyone else. Simply select your topic and presenter and we’ll do the rest! It’s complete peace of mind…


✓ Branded Email Invitations and Reminders

✓ Branded Registration Pages

✓ Looking to charge for? We’ll take payment!

✓ One-on-one Presenter Training

✓ Need a facilitator or interviewer?

✓ Online Support for you and your attendees

✓ Room rental in Sydney and Melbourne

✓ Post Event – Reporting, analytics and engagement benchmarking

DIY Licence Webinars

Access our feature rich platform 24 hours a day and create your own events. Our licence model gives you all the tools to collaborate with unlimited usage:


✓ Monthly Fee, Unlimited Usage

✓ Create your own events and email marketing

✓ Collect Payment

✓ Access to the Account Management Portal

✓ Reporting and Engagement Benchmarking

✓ VoIP Audio Delivery

✓ Brand your Platform

✓ Complimentary Weekly Training

Live Engagement Scoring

Never miss a beat when it comes to discovering more about the behaviour of your webinar participants. Take your webinar reporting to the next level and find out more about how this feature can:


✓ Allow you to take a look back and discover which content works best

✓ Uncover your most engaging presenters and create future topics

✓ Better qualify leads for your sales teams

✓ Refine your CPD programs

Looking for the latest trends and industry insight?


Now in its fifth year, The Redback Report shines a spotlight on how we all interact and engage with Digital Events. From webinars to webcasts and everything in between – online audiences are demanding presenters that inspire, user friendly technology and content that’s easily digestible in a range of formats!
Take a look at the latest report or watch us uncover what it means for you!
> When’s the best day/time of the week to run a webinar?
> How many people actually stay online?
> What’s more important? Technology vs. Presenter
> The best and worst webinar experiences

DIY vs. Managed

You know the difference between the two, but are you wondering which solution is best for you? Ask yourself these questions…

✓ Are you unsure of how much time and resources you have available to plan, promote and host your programs?
✓ Does dealing with webinar technology, presenters and attendees sound a little overwhelming?
✓ Are you new to webinars and looking for someone to hold your hand?
✓ Is it important that your online attendees have an uninterrupted, seamless experience?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, here’s what we recommend:
✓ Contact us and we’ll get together and talk through what you want to achieve
✓ Let us manage your webinar program while you watch and learn
✓ Once you understand how it all works, you can choose to run them on your own or keep working with your Event Manager

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The Managed Webinar Process


1. Select your time, date, presenter and book your Managed Webinar online
2. Your Event Manager will then be in contact to finalise details and templates
3. Your Email Invitations, Confirmations and Reminders are created and proofed
4. Registration Landing pages are created and proofed
5. Your webinar is promoted to your audience and registrations are collected
6. Presenter Training is conducted
7. Last Chance to Register Email (if required) and Reminder Emails are sent to registrants
8. Your webinar is live and everyone is loving it!
9. Exit Survey, Attendees vs. Registrations, Chat Transcript, Feedback, Email Marketing and Statistic Reports are collated
10. Webinar de-brief is scheduled with your Event Manager and Account Manager

We’re there for every application

What’s your end goal and how will you measure your Return On Investment? 

CPD and Education

Retain members, attract younger generations and engage across distance. When it comes to providing Professional Development we have you covered.


Lead Generation

Qualify, engage, nurture and convert. Produce pre-qualified, inbound leads on a reoccurring basis while exposing your brand and delivering thought provoking content.


Content Marketing

46% of Marketers are now using webinars as part of their overall Content Marketing Strategy. We understand the value of creating content within the online world.


The Organiser Handbook
Where do you even begin? This handbook will guide you through how to plan, market and host your webinars and get results!
It’s a site dedicated to everything webinars – from case studies to content! Head on over for a whole lot of insight and inspiration.
The Platform Features
What does what and how should you use it? Discover all the interactive features available to you and your presenters.


Managed Webinars

For those who want peace of mind
Dedicated Project Management
Registration Collection
Email Marketing
Presenter Training
From $600/webinar

DIY Licence Webinars

For the serial webinar users
Unlimited Usage
0 – 100 participants – $109/month
101 – 500 participants – $249/month
501 – 1000 participants – $399/month
1000 – 2000 participants – $699/month