Become a Speaker for our Government Business Skills Series!

Redback is launching a Government Business Skills Series! We are bringing the success of our 6 years strong Business Skills Series to the government sector.

Our audience demands presenters that inspire, engage, and educate. We’re currently on the lookout for standout presenters to get our series off the ground with a bang! Please get in touch if you are a subject matter expert (or you know someone who is). We would love to have you present to our audience of public servants.

How does this benefit you?

  • Branding
  • Lead Generation
  • Revenue Creating
  • Thought Leadership
  • Fully Managed Experience

It’s a joint venture that will benefit both parties. Enjoy a fully managed experience as we take care of the marketing, project management, and event delivery… leaving you to focus on your content. Furthermore, you receive the professionally edited mp4 video file to use as you wish!

Past Business Skills Series

Curious to see some of our past webcasts? The success of our Business Skills Series has been due largely to the calibre of our presenters. Check out some of our past Business Skills Series webcasts below:

Interested? Want to be part of our groundbreaking series?

Until next time,
The Redback Team

Top 3 Tips to Making Money with Sponsorship!

Sponsorship. Big word, big chunk of your potential revenue generating stream. So why is it often overlooked or poorly executed?

Well, we think it’s because there isn’t enough information on how to utilise it best for your Digital Events.

Luckily, we have some tips for you! Here are our top 3 that will ensure your sponsors get the most from their sponsorship dollars… and potentially make some bucks for you too!

Tip #1 – Target the right sponsor
Make sure you target sponsors that have similar goals, objectives and an aligned purpose to you. This is beneficial as it will help to ensure you are targeting the right brand for your event. Contact the most compatible sponsors and see what you can offer them. Be ready for questions and work with your digital event providers to ensure you know how to answer them. Consider arranging some examples – maybe even a link to a recent event!

Tip #2 – How to get your perfect sponsor on board
Now that you’ve chosen the right sponsor, how do you gain their support? Providing them with the finer details prior to the live/online event is incredibly important, especially when it comes to delivering results and reporting after the event – this will set you apart from others. Remember, sponsors need to justify their expense to play a part in your event, particularly if they’re scouring the market for other opportunities, so make it worth their while!

Tip #3 – Promote your sponsor via Marketing Assets
During the lead up to your event, you’ll have many touch points with your audience which can all be co-branded with your sponsor in mind. You can take advantage of these opportunities by utilising landing pages, logo’s, email invitations, re-direct pages and within the digital event platform.

There you have it! Our top 3 tips to Making Money with Sponsorship. To find out more on other ways to make money from your Digital Events download The Ultimate Guide by clicking here.

Money, money, money! Are you ready to make some?

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The Redback Team

Making Money from your Digital Events – The 3 Golden Tactics

Money. Having this word at the forefront of your digital event strategy is crucial, not only to you but to the benefit of your business. But how do you get to the stage where you’re actually bringing in the dollars? How do you get your online audiences into the top of your sales funnel? How can you utilise the latest technology to your advantage when it comes to audience behaviour?

This online world of ours can be a bit daunting especially when it comes to reaching out and engaging your virtual attendees. Webinars and Webcasts are now becoming the stand alone channels for anyone looking to make a dollar from a cent.

In this guide, we discuss how to Make Money from your Digital Events using these 3 Golden Tactics:

1. Sponsorship – where to start and how to engage sponsors
2. Lead Generation – tips for creating content and nurturing audiences
3. Charging for your Digital Event – how much should you be charging?

Money, money, money! Are you ready to make some?

Click here to access the complimentary guide today.

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Ready to make distance obsolete? The new RBVideo is now here!

Better business meetings, engaging virtual classrooms and enhanced project collaboration – HD Video Conferencing is compelling, and now you have access to the most reliable and feature rich platform in the market. It’s simple, effective and accessible.

What’s it all about?

– Face to face collaboration from anywhere in the world = instant collaboration
– Accessibility from any device = start meetings from Apple and Android + native Skype for Business Integration
– Australian hosting and support = everything stays on-shore and you speak to a real person
– Connect with and H.323 or SIP Device = connect from any hardware endpoint
– Dial in and connect via telephone = accommodate all attendees
– Flexible pricing options for all = because that’s how it should be!

We know you’ve got questions, so here’s the answers:

“We use Skype for Business internally. While this solution would be great for external meetings, we only want one platform.”
Perfect – RBVideo has native S4B integration meaning you can have the best of both worlds all in one platform!

“It all sounds good in theory, but getting people on-board with it is just too hard.”
This is where we come in! We’ll help you manage all on-boarding and our connect via telephone feature means even the most reluctant of users can start collaborating instantly. Plus, users can join via an APP from any mobile device.

“I’m interested, but am looking to evaluate current providers.”
We’ve done all the hard work for you! Click here to view our Comparison Guide

Are you ready to make distance obsolete?

Click here to view pricing
Click here to request an online demo

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Collect and Convert – Tips for Creating Webinar Registration Pages that Work!

We’ve all been there – you start promoting your webinar and then check your registration numbers… on the hour, every hour. It’s at this stage that one of two things will happen:

1. You’ll be overwhelmed by the number of people who are interested in this amazing webinar you’ve put together. This may then be followed by a little first pump or an ‘I’m quite pleased with myself’ smile

2. Your registration numbers are nowhere near what you expected. Suddenly you’re asking yourself ‘why did I put all this effort in for so little return?’

The good news is, with a few simple tweaks we can all position ourselves in situation number 1.

We’ve out together our tops for creating registration pages that will actually convert and in turn, give you a better chance of reaching your desired goals.

What’s your Call To Action (CTA)?
What do you want people to do? Ensure the action that you want them to take is clear and prominent and avoid multiple calls to action or hard to find buttons.

Always ensure your registration fields are promintent and your submit button is clear and if possible, a large, colourful submit button along with wording that clearly states ‘Register Here’ or ‘Save Your Seat.’ It’s also a good idea to keep this area at the top of your page – the less scrolling, the better!

Less is more!
Ever started a survey and given up half way through? Why do people need to know so much information?! Keep your registration fields light and consider using different ‘types’ of fields. For example, if you are asking people what industry they are in, use a drop down field – the less work the better! Keeping fields to a minimum will increase your conversion rates and you can always capture more information within your webinar.

Consistency is key!
When people are directed to your landing page they will more than likely be coming from an email invitation or your website – both of these places are no doubt fully branded, so why shouldn’t your landing page be? Use the same colours, logos and styling on this page to avoid confusion and promote your brand.

What can I expect?
Even if this is your tenth webinar, never assume that your audience is familiar with what to expect. Invest some time into creating a user guide or even better, a short video to explain what will happen once someone registers. This will remove any of the unknowns and can definitely increase your conversion rates.

Why should I register? What will I learn?
This is exactly what people are thinking when they arrive on your page, so help them! Keep your information succinct and include a brief summary (stats work great here), four to five brief talking points/learnings and establish credibility with your presenter. If you need to add more information, you can always include links to other sites or cover it off in your autoresponder  confirmation email.

Sharing is caring!
Your goal is to attract as many people as possible to your webinar – so let people share the love! Include Social Sharing icons through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and make it easy – a few clicks is all it should take!

Thank you… now what?
Most providers allow you to embed a link behind your submit button – this is a great opportunity to redirect your registrants to other pages that up-sell or cross-sell your services, upcoming events or offers. You can also use your thank you pages to engage your visitors even further by recommending other helpful content or providing them with an opportunity to contact you.

And finally – measure!
Because how do you know what’s working? It’s always important to measure your conversion rates to see exactly what is working, and what isn’t. If you don’t have the technology to do so, here’s a simple formula:

Registrations % Unique Views = Conversion Rate

For example, if you have 100 registrations, and 400 unique views, your Conversion Rate would be 25% – simples!

Until next time,


P.S. While you’re at it, why not register for our upcoming webcast on Creating a Mentally Well Workplace – click here

Want to measure how engaging your webinars are? NEW Feature – Participant Engagement Scoring

Webinars – we’ve now got the hang of them, we’re starting to see results and our programs are planned and ready to go.

However, there’s always that one word in the back our minds – engagement!

– Create engaging webinars they say,
– Make sure you’re engaging your online audiences
– Tools, Features, interaction – it all equals engagement!

But what does engaging even mean? And how are we supposed to measure it?

At Redback, we’ve created Live Participant Engagement Scoring. An automatic scoring system that allows you to measure the behaviour of your online participants and in turn, refine your webinar programs and improve your Return On Investment.

Here’s how the technology works….

Currently, at the end of your webinars you receive your attendee list, polling and survey results and chat transcripts. There’s some great data in there, but we know that many of you don’t know what to do with it.

Now, you’ll receive all of this, along with an engagement scoring report for each individual who has participated in your webinar.


How did we do this?
It’s a simple formula – Interaction plus behaviour (and some feedback) equals engagement.

We score your attendees based on two main areas – Quantitative and Qualitative Score.

The quantitative score looks at the behaviour of your attendees – this includes their duration in your event, whether they participated in polls or completed an in-room survey.

The qualitative data is based on one simple question that you can ask either in a poll or in room survey. HOW ENGAGING DID YOU FIND THIS WEBINAR, include the 5 possible responses, and we’ll then either add or deduct points from your attendees total score.

Watch this video for more information!

So now you’ve got a number to work with, what does that mean?

Measuring your participant engagement scores across your webinar programs is a great way to fine tune what you’re doing.

– Discover which content works best
– Uncover your most engaging presenters
– Better qualify leads for your sales teams
– Refine your CPD Programs

The best news? These reports are completely retroactive, meaning the formula will apply  to all your previous webinars.  Take a look in your Account Management Portal and see how it all works!

Live Participant Engagement Scoring was made with you in mind. Because there’s no point putting in all the hard work if you can’t measure your results.

Want to learn how to access your reports and understand what they all mean?
Click here to access the Instructional Guide

Once you’ve got the data, how can you improve your webinar programs?
Click here to download the Inspirational Guide

Until next time,
The Redback Team

Congratulations Girl Guides Victoria – New Charities to Vote for!

Congratulations to Girl Guides Victoria for winning 1st prize in the Q2 Redback Charity Spotlight with 795 votes!

$500 will be donated towards helping the charity provide non-formal, dynamic and flexible educational programs offering values-based experiences to develop life skills, decision making and leadership. Guides program focus on teamwork and experiencing the outdoors

Here are the final results for the quarter:

1st – Girl Guides Victoria | 795 Votes – $500
2nd – Autoimmune Resource and Research Centre | 672 Votes – $350
3rd – Little Wings | 411 Votes – $150
4th – Project Respect | 376 Votes – $100

A huge thank you to everyone who got involved and voted, and thank you to the amazing charities for their continued dedication to these worthwhile causes.

The Q3 2017 Redback Charity Spotlight starts today and we have four amazing new charities taking part:

Diabetes NSW & ACT
Cystic Fibrosis Community Care
Arthritis & Osteoporosis NSW
Mission Australia

Click here to vote for your favourite charities!

To find out more information about the program, please visit: www.redbackconferencing.com.au/social-responsibility/

Until next time,
The Redback Team

Using Chrome to join your Webinars or Webcasts? Important Flash Update Required

One of the main benefits of our Webinar and Webcast platforms has always been the ease of joining – there’s no downloads because they all run off Adobe Flash.

However, Google have made an update to their web browser Chrome. If you are using Google Chrome to join a Redback Webinar or Webcast you will first need to enable Adobe Flash in order to view the video content.

The good news is, you can permanently enable Flash in Chrome in three simple steps. Meaning you’ll never have any issues joining an online event again.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome and type in the following address: www.webcasts.com.au/digital-event-landscape
Step 2: Click on the i icon as shown below


Step 3: Once the below pop up opens, simply click on the drop down box alongside Flash, and select ‘Always allow on this site


We have also updated our Attendee Joining Guides to include this information. If you are organising webinars or webcasts, please make sure you always provide these links to your attendees before your events.

Click here to view the Attendee Overview Documents

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Support Team on the details below:

Australia: 1800 733 416
NZ: 0800 231 717
International: +61 2 9037 0330

Until next time,
The Redback Team

Studio Webcasts – Your Ultimate Style Guide

You’ve done it – you’ve made the decision to host your first Digital Event Program. You’re going to run your first webcast from professional studios and it’s going to give The Project a run for its money!

Until… you receive a phone call from your Project Manager and they ask the question – “So, which studio setup would you like?”

Ahhh, setup?
What is that?
What do I have access to?
I didn’t know I had a choice!

Lucky for you, we’ve put together a quick Style Guide showing you what each layout looks like – for your presenters, and your online audience.

If you’re looking to create video content but not quite sure where to start, then this guide is for you! It’s sure you give you insight into which seating arrangements work best and the huge difference a simple Green Screen can make!

Click here to download the Studio Style Guide

Until next time,

P.S –  Take it one step further and check out our Webcast Customiser. You’ll be able to view a range of Green Screens and select which one works best for you!


From the car to the conference – encouraging change and implementing virtual collaboration

This week I was fortunate enough to interview Huw Thomas from Blue Seed Consulting as part of our Business Skills Series. The topic was “The Change Intelligent Leader” (you can watch it here) and to be honest, I was very sceptical.

My first thought? “More tips on change management, are we still having the same conversations?” 45 minutes later, and I was proven wrong.

As we shift into a more uncertain world, the impacts of technology, the age of the entrepreneur and digitisation are all impacting the way we manage change. It made me realise, as an organisation, we are part of this – surely Redback customers are impacted by this every day?

So, when it comes to implementing virtual collaboration technologies such as Tele, Web and Video Conferencing, where do we begin? And more importantly, how do we convince other key stakeholders to embrace the change and jump on the bandwagon?

Here’s some tips on getting from the car to the conference:

First, understand the benefits
Let’s be honest, even the most flexible of organisations struggle with change. However, progressive and aware decision makers continually look for ways to improve the morale, performance and productivity of their workforce.

The online conferencing platform provides a simple answer to the question of how to reduce our reliance on business travel – it uses less resources, costs much less, is more convenient and enables businesses to understand the important relationship between communication, productivity and profit.

Gain buy in with hard facts
Picture this:
– Your organisation has a social responsibility policy
– Your organisation uses car and air travel as a means to get to and from meetings
– A return flight between Sydney to Singapore generates 6.2 tonnes of carbon emission

I didn’t say it was going to be a pretty picture…

As green travel programs become more prevalent, there is a wealth of information available to back-up your hunch that online platforms are a more sustainable alternative to air and car travel. Check out what your competitors are doing and don’t simply ‘greenwash’ – gather evidence to present to your senior management.

Make a plan
Creating a road map of what you want to achieve and how you’re going to find your way is critical. When implementing virtual collaboration technologies, it’s important to find champions that will not only support your decision, but help you get from A to B – because you can’t do it all on your own!

As well as cost benefits, your road map should include possible benefits to employees, reviews of productivity, recruitment and retention, timelines and clear measurable outcomes.

Understand the costs
The internal reaction of going online is most often, ‘how much will it cost?” Be prepared for any push-back by creating a clear cost analysis which clearly identifies hard and soft cost savings to the business.

As well as the actual dollar figure, make sure you take productivity and employee engagement into account. This will also help to gain a better understanding of the ROI which can include the introduction of tracking and reporting tools.

Check the company travel policy
What does it say about eliminating unnecessary emissions from air and road travel? Does it say anything? If it doesn’t, it may be time for a review.

Resist resistance
In many organisations the expectations of corporate travel can be at odds with a drive to reduce the carbon footprint. This can be alleviated by a holistic approach and strategy for change which incorporates awareness training and highlights the drivers for and benefits of making the shift online.

Once virtual collaboration policies begin to be implemented, communicating the program and the desired results to relative stakeholders are critical to ongoing success. And if there’s one thing I discovered this week, it’s that we are all capable of change and making great things happen!

Until next time,