The Tools You Should Be Using to Market Your Webinar

The Tools You Should Be Using to Market Your Webinar

Blog, Resources, redBACK  May 4, 2018

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and try out using webinars. Your webinar has the potential to open a whole range of new possibilities for your business in brand awareness, lead generation and a plethora of other areas. However, in order to take full advantage of webinars, you must market them properly!

The internet provides a range of different channels for promoting your webinar. Let’s uncover the most effective tools. Read on to find out the advantages, disadvantages, and top tips on how to use each marketing tool for your webinar.


Despite the growth of web communication forms, e-mail remains king in terms of reach and directness. E-mail should form a key part of your webinar marketing strategy.


  1. Targeted, Personalised Reach
    E-mails for your marketing campaigns are guaranteed to reach the desired recipient. What’s more, the fact that your business has collected their e-mail means they are more than likely interested in your webinar. E-mails are personalised to a specific sender and it is a good idea to take advantage of this by addressing it to the name connected with that e-mail address.
  2. Very Low Budget
    E-mails that are collected from your company’s mail list are a free base of potential webinar viewers. The cost of designing and creating your e-mail marketing campaign is also usually very low.


  1. Limited Reach
    The success of your company’s e-mail marketing campaign is inherently limited by your company’s mail list. For large corporations, this is less of a problem but it can be problematic for small to medium enterprises looking to grow. The low cost of these campaigns is accompanied by the major weakness of difficulty expanding reach.
  2. Risks Being Disregarded as Noise
    E-mail marketing campaigns require a surprisingly high amount of expertise to be successful. Most digital marketers today are very savvy and weak campaigns will be completely ignored. Worse still, campaigns that are perceived as spam, will cause recipients to unsubscribe from your emailing list. bombarding potential webinar viewers may encourage them to dismiss e-mails from your company as noise or even to unsubscribe.


Make the Most of E-Mail Marketing

  1. E-mail Early and Often
    Look to start your e-mail campaign by notifying your e-mail list 2-3 weeks out from the event. After this point, you should limit yourself to no more than 3 additional e-mails in the run-up to the event. Don’t forget to send a final reminder a few hours before the webinar! Up to a quarter of total registrants sign up same day. Read our Digital Event Marketing Whitepaper to get an outline of the emails you should be sending!
  2. Perfect Your Landing Page
    It is an absolute must that all of your e-mails have a link to the webinar’s landing page. This is a great way to monitor traction in the lead up to the event and gauge success. The landing page itself is also crucial. A well-designed landing page is often the difference between a potential view signing up to watch the webinar, and closing the page in frustration. Two must-have features for your landing page would be a sign-up form and calendar link. The sign-up form is a great way to increase your company’s contact list and the calendar plug-in is an invaluable inbuilt reminder.


Facebook is the largest social media site in the world and therefore offers incredible opportunities for your business to market its webinar.


  1. Unmatched Reach
    Facebook gives you the ability to not just reach potential viewers that are already in your company’s network, but also to expand to reach lookalike audiences who may be interested. Facebook’s extended reach is a perfect way to create visibility and generate hype for your webinar.
  2. Targeted
    Facebook’s size gives it the ability to collect an unmatched amount of data on its users. This data can be harnessed by your company to accurately target people who may be interested in watching your webinar. For example, Facebook’s hyper-targeting allows you to target mid 30s professional women living in Australia or over 50s interested in boating and Remy XO.


  1. Requires Being Social Media Savvy
    You may lack the technical know-how to properly take advantage of the wide range of services that Facebook offers. Facebook can be confusing, and it can be time-consuming to develop the expertise necessary how to properly market your webinar on the platform.


Hot Tips for Facebook Marketing

  1. Use Targeted Ads
    To make the most of Facebook’s data goldmine, it is worth investing in targeted ads. These ads allow you to set an exact budget and pinpoint the types of people you want to see your webinar. Facebook’s targeted ad system provides sophisticated inbuilt analytics that will show you exactly who is seeing your ads, who is clicking through on the links, how your ads are performing.
  2. Create Organically Shareable Content
    While paid ads can provide a high degree of reach, nothing can substitute quality organic content. Make an event for your webinar and invite people you suspect will be interested in viewing it. These people may then add it to their calendars, which will make your event visible to their social networks and provide a multiplier effect to your reach. To further boost the natural visibility of your webinar marketing event, create great content. An informative video or interesting graphic may be shared by people looking at the event, and achieve further publicity for your webinar. Want to create compelling content? Click here for some great tips.


So… What is the Best Marketing Strategy for Me?

In the end, your company will have a unique set of needs and goals, strengths and weaknesses, to which you must tailor your strategy. A combination of e-mail marketing campaigns and social media marketing will likely be the solution, but the exact prescription will ultimately depend. For companies that are serious about taking their webinars to the next level with a tailored marketing campaign, the best solution is turning to the professionals. Redback Conferencing provides a comprehensive, hassle-free, completely personalised solution that will ensure your webinar gets maximum attendance.

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